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  • Hiring Process At AT&T – 3858 replies
    Jose Canseco 11 hours ago
    Does anyone know how long does it take for at&t staffing to contact applicants? I have done the background check but not the drug test. The hiring manager told me that i was waiting to be contacted by staffing its been about 2 weeks how long should i wait before calling back?
  • Dave Bock 22 hours ago
    Step 1: August 26, 2011 - I applied online @ Step 2: August 26, 2011 - I received an email from AT&T Staffing requesting additional info (SSN, Criminal/Driving History) needed for application. Submitted info within a few minutes. Step 3: September 9, 2011 - I received an email from AT&T Staffing inviting me to choose a time slot for a testing session on in for a testing session on September 17th 2011. I choose my time slot and submitted the email the same day. Step 4: September 14, 201l - I received a confirmation email from AT&T Staffing confirming the date and time slot chosen for my testing session. Step 5: September 17, 2011 - Took two tests. The first test was The Call Center Audition test where you go through a scenario as if you are the call center rep and you take calls and select the options you would use as an agent. After this test is complete, you are immediately told whether or not you passed or failed. If you fail, you leave immediately. If you pass, you move on to the second test which is the Internet Services Mini Course Assessment Test. After passing this test, you are told immediately whether or not you qualify. If you qualify, the Testing Rep will tell you that someone from HR will be in touch with you over the next week. I passed both tests. Step 6: September 21, 2011 - I received an email from AT&T Staffing where I was asked to select a time and day (given two days to choose from : Sept 23 or 26 and 2 time slots)to attend a telephone conference call. On the call there were several other potential hirees. The HR rep went over the job description, the requirements for attendance, the weekly range of pay, etc. At the end of the call, the HR rep did a roll call where each hiree was asked to choose a day and time for which to come in for the CSA or Face to Face Interview. After that, the call ended. Step 7: September 27, 201l - I received a confirmation email for my CSA for September 28, 2011.
  • 2 days ago
    Well I took the test and qualified, now I guess I wait? Should I email my HR rep? Also if anyone in NC has any insight on the wire tech position I'm all ears! Thanks!
  • mat 2 days ago
    I was recently offered a Customer Service Rep job at AT&T and am currently undergoing a background check. My first job that I put was verified, but I was a year and a half off on the start date and employment time. This was an honest mistake on my part and I was wondering how this would impact their hiring decision. All my other jobs had correct start and end dates, it was just my very first job that was about 6 years ago I could not remember so I made my best guess with no w2 forms or pay stubs. *Just received a copy of my background check and everything else is perfect with no criminal records etc. This is starting to really get under my skin and any answers would be appreciated.
  • Migee 5 days ago
    I'm applying for a retails sales consultant job and now my application status says a day after applying "you have met the minimum requirements." How long does it usually take to get a call for an interview? I applied at one location and it's been like that for almost a month. After applying how long does it usually take for those who have been called and hired?
  • AT&T Training Process – 974 replies
    Brie0016 11 days ago
    I was just hired with AT&T for a Retail Sales Consultant and have not yet started my training process. It starts Jan 10, 2010 and I want to know if anyone has already attended the 3 to 4week training and if so what should I expect?
  • Cynthia 11 days ago
    Ok so I hope someone can help me out. I'm freaking out because my iPhone broke and I had to buy a cheap flip phone but for some reason I NEVER hear it ring! I got a blocked call two days ago which I think was from att and today I missed another call from an 800 number and when I called it back it had the att sound but they never left me a voicemail or emailed me! What can I do? I applied for all the retail sales person jobs and a call center job. I scheduled a testing for the call center job but I think the calls are for the retail job. This happen to anyone else? Will I get ANOTHER call?
  • wire tech job process – 132 replies
    Chavo 13 days ago
    Well. I applied for a local Wire Tech job. Took, and passed the aptitude test 2-5-13. says I am qualified as of 2-7-13. Anyone know what the next step is and how long it takes? I am in Knoxville and under the job opening. It says ongoing. What should I expect here? Thanks in advance.
  • NAJA MONGER 13 days ago
    First, I have to say that AT&T is a very big company, employing more than 330,000 people worldwide. If you understand this then you can probably understand why the hiring process is extremely selective and lengthy. My first advice to anyone wishing to be hired: be very patient and don't rush to any conclusions. A friend of mine, who works for an AT&T retail store in another city gave me his ATTUID to list him as a reference for AT&T job applications. He informed me that AT&T retail does a lot of hiring in March-April, so I jumped full-speed applying for every retail store "sales' position, and every time AT&T sent me (via email) new job openings I always responded and applied very quickly. The second week of March, I finally got a phone call from an AT&T recruiter and was scheduled for an interview immediately. I went in on a Monday (March 11th) and interviewed. The interview was an hour long. It consisted of scenario questions: "...tell me about a time you had to overcome several "no" answers before making a sale to a difficult customer." I answered about a half dozen of these scenario-based questions. Mind you, the store manager who interviewed me was SHARP and at the top of his game! He went through the presentation of the company word-for-word like a machine, without skipping a beat. I got through the interview and felt I did well. A week later I interviewed with a store manager, and completed a second - and shorter interview. I was offered a position three days later, conditional on passing the background check. The background check took 6 days total, and I just found out that I passed. My recruiter called, congratulated me and said, "Welcome Aboard AT&T!" Training begins in May. Be patient! Have your answers ready for interviews. Be prepared to answer questions about your background. HireRight is thorough!
  • Leroy 14 days ago
    Was curious if anyone has been successful in getting hired by att for a sales position with little retail experience. I'm excited but nervous at the same time. Overall I thought the interview went well but I'm thinking that I should've stuck with my original plan and waited to apply after I had at least a year at my current wireless sales position with walmart but I couldn't wait it's my dream job. I know the mobile world and customers love me. I don't have a lot of sales experience but I'm a natural I sold a blind man a HDTV and a blue ray player. I can't count how many contract devices get activated on ST a day. Att would be making a great investment just from the simple fact that I would no longer be selling so many ST BYOP kits and assisting customers with activations and apn settings.
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