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  • AT&T Training Process – 1022 replies
    rome84 21 hours ago
    I was just hired with AT&T for a Retail Sales Consultant and have not yet started my training process. It starts Jan 10, 2010 and I want to know if anyone has already attended the 3 to 4week training and if so what should I expect?
  • James 1 day ago
    Well I took the test and qualified, now I guess I wait? Should I email my HR rep? Also if anyone in NC has any insight on the wire tech position I'm all ears! Thanks!
  • Daffney62 2 days ago
    Do you work at AT&T? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?
  • RSC Questions ???? – 1 reply
    HopeFulTechie 2 days ago
    Hello I am currently in training at at&t as an rsc, i learned a lot from this forum and am willing to answer any and all questions you guys may have about the hiring process and training. ask away !
  • Hiring Process At AT&T – 3894 replies
    dee 5 days ago
    Does anyone know how long does it take for at&t staffing to contact applicants? I have done the background check but not the drug test. The hiring manager told me that i was waiting to be contacted by staffing its been about 2 weeks how long should i wait before calling back?
  • ATT_Guyer 7 days ago
    Hey there, I was wondering where I could find information on what the requirements are for moving locations. I started working at a flagship store that I commute to everyday because I was told they had a need I could fill due to previous sales experience. They told me they would start me at their highest rate for an RSC because of it (which they did, but they also gave that to all new hires I started with) and the foot traffic of the store seemed like a great income opportunity as long as I worked hard so I went for it. Of course about 4 months into it, I find out that the slower stores have much lower quotas, and since the payout is based on achievement % of quota, not units, I can make just as much in a different store which is closer to my house, which a friend of mine is getting promoted to as an Assistant Manager. If at all possible I would like to go there since there is no real reason for me to keep working at my location, but I was wondering if it's written anywhere, how long you have to work at a location before you transfer, and also if there are any other requirements? My coworker said he would love to bring me with him, since his new store is struggling, so I don't know if he can help make that happen too. If anyone could give me some info on how I can look this up I would appreciate it!
  • HopefulTechie 8 days ago
    Did the phone interview. Then I went to a store (not the one I applied at) for the in-person interview w/their manager who was doing all the interviews. During this time my status in the system said "hiring manager is scheduling for interviews" or something like that. A few days after the interview my status changed back to "you've met the minimum qualifications." Does this mean I probably won't get the second interview?
  • JimmyBroner 9 days ago
    How hard is it to transfer as an RSC to another location in a different market? Do you get to transfer with your current pay?
  • Jwr3af 10 days ago
    Hello everyone. I recently got a conditional offer with AT&T as a wire tech. I'm currently waiting on a start date which my recruiter told me he expects to receive around Oct/Nov. I was wondering during training when will we receive our company iPads and iPhone? And since the iPhone 6 is announced and soon to be released, will we be getting those? Another question that's not pertaining to this is how long does it honestly take before I get selected for the next class? A class starts on Sept 12th in Jacksonville. Will there be another one in October? Thanks
  • AT&T Training 09/25 – 0 replies
    Jocelyn1221 16 days ago
    Hello, I was recently offered a job as a sales consultant depending on whether I passed my drug test and my background check. I was told that I begin my training on 09/25, I have no idea where because they haven't told me yet, I'm currently waiting on my background check to be completed. My question is, does anyone have this start date as well? And do you know where the training is going to be located? I'm so curious to find out! I would love to travel somewhere for my training, but I'm also okay with staying here in Houston. I would love to know if you guys know anything! Thanks for your comments.
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