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  • AT&T Training Process – 1006 replies
    av 1 day ago
    I was just hired with AT&T for a Retail Sales Consultant and have not yet started my training process. It starts Jan 10, 2010 and I want to know if anyone has already attended the 3 to 4week training and if so what should I expect?
  • Joel 3 days ago
    First off, this position is not for anyone that has a family or by any means a LIFE!!! The hours they schedule for you give you no morning and no evening. It's not an 8-5 position, where you would at least have an evening off to be with family or friends. The hours are more like 9:30am - 8:30pm. And don't expect to be out on time. When would you see your kids with hours like that? Unless your high on the seniority level, you will be working every Saturday and Sunday, open to close. With meetings before work on Saturdays. I cannot stress enough how if you have a will never see them. You will never see your kids play sports. AT&T sucks the life out of you. Second, if you need a day off...say you need Aug 31st off, They need to know that by July 3rd or you will not be granted that day off. And you would not even know if you have that day off until Aug 1st. How are you suppose to make vacation plans? Once again, AT&T sucks the life out of you. Third, expect to be followed around by managers every time your with a customer to make sure your saying and showing them the things they want you to sell. Don't forget to shake their hand when they are leaving (even if they are sick) and walk them to the door or you will be written up. Fourth, trying to take a lunch is like pulling teeth. You could be walking out the door for lunch and a customer walks in and they ask you to take care of them before you leave. Well, that customer could take up an 1 1/2 hrs of your time. Fifth, They are always raising your quota so you don't make any money. I could go on and on but I think this pretty much sums it up.
  • Hiring Process At AT&T – 3887 replies
    Mike S 3 days ago
    Does anyone know how long does it take for at&t staffing to contact applicants? I have done the background check but not the drug test. The hiring manager told me that i was waiting to be contacted by staffing its been about 2 weeks how long should i wait before calling back?
  • ATTApplicant 3 days ago
    When I was interviewing with my manager, he had an employee there with him. He pointed out that the employee makes a lot of money in the month, even after working there for months and having the commission rate reduced. I'm going to work my ass off trying to sell to people as ethically as I can, but I am wondering how hard it is to meet the minimum commission? The manager pointed out that he was making about $4000 a month, which is pretty good, but the day that I went, the store was pretty empty.
  • ATTApplicant 3 days ago
    So I'm 17 and thinking about a job at an AT&T Store as a Retail Sales Consultant. I just had a few questions about the position itself and advancement within the company. 1) What experience and education is required for the position? I'm guessing high school diploma for education, but what about experience? 2) What opportunities for advancement are their in the company? I guess it'd also be helpful with the chain of advancement in the retail store, anyone know that? (RSC/SSR -> assistant manager -> manager -> ???) 3) Would earning a college degree help right off the bat, or would that be able to wait a few years as I gain experience within the company? 4) Anything else you think would be useful. Thanks guys. :)
  • AT&T interview – 0 replies
    Britatcollege 4 days ago
    So I had a interview today and I felt like it went great but then I start reading on here how people get second interviews really quick and I didn't get a second interview so I'm nervous but he said they'll contact me in two weeks so I don't know I feel very nervous! So how long does it take to really get a second interview
  • gwilc 7 days ago
    I've been lurking in these forums throughout the time I was in the hiring process, and really appreciate all the info. I thought I'd contribute what I learned during the hiring process, so here we go! (This was broken up into multiple posts due to length) On November 25th after searching the AT&T Job boards at I found open positions at 2 different corporate stores near me each looking for a “Full Time Retail Sales Consultant”, I applied to the first position filling out the basic online resume, answering some eligibility questions, and finally taking the 114 question personality test. The good news is, once you take the 114 question test, you will never have to take it again! It is saved to your AT&T Hiring profile, so the questions will be automatically filled in for you if you apply to multiple jobs. On November 29th I got a call from the regional AT&T recruiter. She wanted to verify my previous employment that I listed in my online resume, such as employment dates & titles. She also asked if I had any criminal history, and why I wanted to work for AT&T. After about 10 minutes, she asked if I was available to meet with the regional HR manager the next morning. I said yes, so she made an appointment for 9AM the next morning. On November 30th, I met with the regional HR manager at AT&T Regional HQ. She was very friendly, and asked me lots of questions in STAR format (Situation, Task, Action, Response). She then went over my resume extensively, and asked me why I thought I was right for the job. This interview lasted about an hour, and after that she texted the manager of the store I was applying too, and setup an appointment for me to go there the next morning. Remember when your in this interview, RSC is a heavily commissioned SALES position, make sure to highlight your past sales experience, as that is what they are looking for. (Continued below)
  • MikeS 8 days ago
    Hello and thank you to all who post on this forum, I am currently int he hiring process with AT&T and this forum has kept me from stressing out too badly. Anyways so far I have passed through the phone interview, hiring manager, store manage all were great and very positive, my interview with the store manager felt more like a briefing on the job then an interview, telling me about dress code, quotas, he stressed to me the amount of money that can be made with enough effort, what he doesn't like about some of his current employees and ways to succeed at the store, and told me I should be receiving a call from the hiring manager or recuiter by the following monday or tuesday and it was conducted on a friday. I think it also helps that the RSC that referred me is currently the a top 25 performing RSC nationally. I also have another reference who is a new hire and is performing very strongly. Anyways, after my interviews I recieved an email asking me to confirm my SSN for a tax credit survey. My 2 current RSC friends tell me that they think I landed the job. However, me being the nervous one that I am, I still dont want to believe it just yet until i get some confirmation. What do you guys think? Thank You
  • Interview with AT&T – 10 replies
    MIgee 11 days ago
    I applied online for AT&T Retail Position on July 30, 2014 I then got a phone call from the Staffing Manager on August 11, 2014. No questions were asked besides about my availability and any restrictions I have I then, I had my interview with the Hiring Manager on August 12, 2014. This interview lasted about 20 minutes. She told me more of the position and asked why I left my previous positions and 1 or 2 STAR questions. She asked me if I had questions about the training, and working there. Of course, I did and I followed up with a thank you email a few hours later. Additionally, she asked how far I can drive and I said I was flexible and "go the distance for the team." She stated that she will get ahold of me within the week if anything should arise. According to the AT&T Taleo, the status is: "manager is scheduling interviews at this time." Anyone know that this is normal? I heard many people that get a 3rd interview instantly after the 2nd interview. Thank you!
  • Marie Maeder in Germantown, Maryland 14 days ago
    First of all, is there a training location in San Antonio, TX? the training location just a regular AT&T store or a separate facility? Thanks!
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