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  • Soso 9 minutes ago
    Anyone training on May 5th?
  • Soso 13 minutes ago
    Is anyone starting RSC training in Cerritos starting on Monday, March 17th?
  • Hiring Process At AT&T – 3661 replies
    Boomboom 4 hours ago
    Does anyone know how long does it take for at&t staffing to contact applicants? I have done the background check but not the drug test. The hiring manager told me that i was waiting to be contacted by staffing its been about 2 weeks how long should i wait before calling back?
  • wire tech job process – 131 replies
    hfc65 9 hours ago
    Well. I applied for a local Wire Tech job. Took, and passed the aptitude test 2-5-13. says I am qualified as of 2-7-13. Anyone know what the next step is and how long it takes? I am in Knoxville and under the job opening. It says ongoing. What should I expect here? Thanks in advance.
  • My experience with AT&T – 118 replies
    Soso 1 day ago
    I think this might help some people trying to get on with AT&T so I thought I'd post what happened with me. I kept searching these boards for more detailed information and it irritated me to now find much, so I maybe I could help people in the future :) I am currently waiting for training to begin in Birmingham, AL on January 3rd. So I applied with AT&T on November 4th of this year. I had been working for company for 5 years (retail sales) and my last day was 2 days before my application. I applied online @ Their were plenty part-time and full-time retail sales positions available in my area and I applied for ALL of them. At the time I figured at least one person would call me. I didn't know the process of hiring at AT&T went through at the time. I filled out the pre-screening test (you only have to fill it out once). I can't tell you my answers, because I don't know them haha. But I did answer truthfully. Having worked at a place where pre-testing was important, I do know that they like ethusiastic, team players. So basically whenever you get a positive questions or negative questions, always answer 'very' on them. Anyway, I filled out the test and then waited. I basically checked my status 10-15 times a day (haha no lie) and noticed they update them as they receive them. For one location I got a response that said 'Not Considering You At This Time'. I was pretty shocked because I never expected to get that type of response. Well within the next 3 days I finally received a phone call from their corporate office. It was for a phone interview, which took all of 2 minutes. They asked me two questions, very strange. 1 week later I received a phone call from the Regional Hiring Manager for the 2nd interview. This one was important and it detailed the REAL interview questions. You have to dress up for these interviews, I think I was probably over dressed but dress to impress! Cont'd below
  • patientlywaiting1 3 days ago
    So I received a contingent offer on thursday evening, completed the necessary paperwork that night, and received my drug testing info midday the next day. I was going by the hireright info that showed my registration for the test expires tuesday 4/22. I was at work all that day and couldn't get away in the 4 hrs between when i got the drug test email and the closing time for the testing site. I have emailed hireright(they are also closed weekends, of course), but cannot get ahold of my Staffing manager. By the time I was notified of the testing site, i couldn't get there before they closed for the weekend. Am i still ok? The expiration for the hireright testing info lists 4/22 but I am worried that because i received the info so late that i am screwed. Please help!
  • Jonas 3 days ago
    I recently applied for AT&T as a retail sales consultant, i got a call in about to days for an interview. Needless to say i felt like i won the power ball lol, the hiring manger seemed very exited to meet me he actually called me again the next day wanting me to meet with the store manager. I had asked if he wanted me to do 2 interview that day i guess he forgot he had already set up an interview at a different store (not the one i applied for) he told me to go ahead with the initial store i was already interviewing at. He made me feel pretty special saying they really wanted to meet me because of all my experience. I have 8 years experience in retail sales so the point of my post is. About 9 years i had a felony for grand theft and also 3 years back i got a misdemeanor for text messages that i sent out to some to some dude i didn't like (stupid i know) i got in trouble for harassment i'm wondering if the good will out weigh the bad iv been working retail for 8 years with no hiccups, and this job could be a life changer but i'm worried. my interview is this upcoming Tuesday any feedback would be appreciated.
  • AT&T Training Process – 918 replies
    Blueangel1023 5 days ago
    I was just hired with AT&T for a Retail Sales Consultant and have not yet started my training process. It starts Jan 10, 2010 and I want to know if anyone has already attended the 3 to 4week training and if so what should I expect?
  • Raynefall34 6 days ago
    I was offered a job by AT&T about a week ago. I recieved a packet w/ instructions to take a drug test and everything. I am a little worried about my background check. I have a misdemeandor on there from about two years ago, that has yet to be expunged. The charge has been dismissed, however. Will they write me off due to this?
  • Customer assistant 6 days ago
    What's your current status ?? I applied April 13, 2014 My current status is testing updated....
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