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Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
PAR, Dublin - April 8, 2015
This place is circling the drain. It's so bad they have stopped advertising job openings using the name of their parent company. If you need a temporary paycheck that doesn't bounce then by all means apply. Just know there is no advancement here. Half the staff got no raise this year and those that did got pennies...literally, very few over 10 cents. Pay is not on par with industry averages.This prompted the current mass exodus. Management and supervisors are clueless, they just roam around aimlessly with no direction. They have no working knowledge of the systems used and what it takes to actually perform the job. No one can can take time off even though you have the banked PTO, everything is always denied. Shift bids every 3 months. Zero work life balance. People are leaving in droves and management refuses to implement changes to retain current staff. Two departments just had massive layoffs this week so confidence in this sites future is waning. If you can handle childish bickering, micromanagement, uncertainty, and an overall apathetic atmosphere, then you'll do fine.