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Ad Astra offers live interpreting for any event, in any of the various areas of interpreting, including Tactile, Oral, Close Vision, Signed English, PSE, ASL, and Teaming. Additionally, the Ad Astra talent pool include interpreters fluent in other Signed Languages, including French, Spanish, British, and Portuguese Sign Language, as well as Cued Speech. – more... Ad Astra provides a full range of Deaf/Hard of Hearing technical support services. Any visual media type may be submitted to be closed captioned in the language of the client's choice. Additionally, with the aid of voice recognition software, Ad Astra's is able to provide CART, and voice writing services - captioning for non-broadcast settings, such as classrooms, churches, meetings, and conferences. This service is useful for non-signing clients who wish to attend a seminar, speech, presentation and will provide them with a real-time transcript of what the speaker is saying. Captioning may be rendered on a small screen read by one user, or displayed on an overhead projector or large screen for a small group, or the internet or via satellite for a larger viewing audience. Ad Astra offers video interpreting system (AA-VIS) for instances which may require an immediate interpreter for only a short period of time. With the aid of video phones, Ad Astra's staff interpreters provide remote interpreting for short term assignments (such as scheduling an appointment at an office, the waiting room or triage room at a hospital, or filing a complaint at a police station).

Ad Astra Deaf/Hard of Hearing interpreters are accredited as well as subject matter experts in a varety of industries. Our talent pool of Deaf/Hard of Hearing specialists possess many different types of certifications, from both state and national organizations such as NAD and RID. In addition, for every possible interpreting situation, Ad Astra can provide a Deaf/Hard of Hearing interpreter with extensive relevant experience in that profession, including the medical, educational, government, legal, and scientific sectors.

Please contact us to discuss your Deaf/Hard of Hearing service needs. – lessMore from ZoomInfo »

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