Medical Director
Adantage Health and Wellness - Morgantown, WV

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Advantage Health & Wellness is looking for a physician who is interested in working with us as we grow toward the offering of a full panel of Occupational & Environmental Health Services. This service includes:

***Work from primary prevention to basic emergent medical care.
***Supervision of the OccMed clinical staff including mid-levels,
***Provision of medical treatment for non-catastrophic work related injuries, as well as participation in our Physical Medicine& Work Recovery clinics.

Schedule: Full time, days, and there is no requirement for call.

Salary: Competitive with compensation and benefit package fully negotiable. There is ownership potential.

Credentials: A board certification in Occupational & Environmental Medicine is desirable but is Not required for this appointment. A physician with a background in emergency, family, internal, physical, or osteopathic medicine would suit this practice very well.



The Medical Director of the Advantage Occupational Health (AOH) Program must be a currently licensed Doctor of Medicine or Osteopathy in good professional standing licensed by the State of West Virginia and who must present with experience or board certification in Occupational Medicine, Physical Medicine or in a similar field.

Job Description

A. The Medical Director is directly responsible to the Clinic Director for all professional and administrative matters, which do not pertain to the practice of medicine or fall within the specifics of the operational contract agreed between the Medical Director and the business entity of AOH.
B. The Medical Director will be directly responsible for the review, audit, and approval of all of the policies, procedures, and medical records protocols used in the Medical Clinic, Rehabilitation, and other services provided under the agreed business plan of the organization.
C. The Medical Director will regularly conduct a utilization review for the assurance of total quality in accord with all applicable standards and scope of ethical practice of all professionals involved in the conduct of Occupational Medical and Health services provided by AOH
D. The Medical Director will see to it that all program directors related to the practice of medicine in the AOH clinic and its programs maintain a strict compliance with all professional, legal, and regulatory guidelines, which apply to all aspects of the operation of the organization.
E. The Medical Director will see to it that the Clinic Director complies with the operational details and mandates of all legal agreements to which AOH is a party (eg. Helath Fairs, Clinics, Ergonomic Interventions and so on).
F. The Medical Director will be available for regularly scheduled meetings necessary to utilization and QA Review, case management, business operation, and marketing. .
G. The Medical Director is expected to be available to present for meetings and events essential to the business, community, research and educational development of the Organization. .
H. The Medical Director is expected to behave in such a way as to reflect dignity upon the Kinesiotherapy he supervises and the University system he represents.
I. The Medical Director is expected to assist in the development and in the improvement of all policies and practices which affect the health and safety of the Organization patients and staff.
J. The Medical Director is expected to assist the Operations Director in the development of collegial, business, and professional relationships, which will have a positive affect upon the growth of AOH
K. The Medical Director will assist in the education and training of the staff and researchers of the AOH Program by way of mentoring, providing formal presentations as arranged, and in developing scholarly writings as agreed.
L. The Medical Director will assist the Operations Director in the development and maintenance of all contractual relationships.
M. The Medical Director will provide the Operations Director and other entitled members of the AOH a narrative report of the current state of the Medical Operations of the Program with respect to the following:
a) The Medical Director’s activity in compliance with his role and responsibilities as Medical Provider, Clinical Supervisor of all Medically Related Personnel as well as for the Policy and Procedures in which they are engaged.
b) The Medical Director’s view of the operational performance and clinical care provided by all of AOH’s programs which are under the control of the AOH Director.
c) The compliance of AOH’s clinics and programs with all legal and regulatory mandates.
d) The Medical Directors view of AOH’s compliance with its stated Mission and Vision for service to its patients, its interns, its business plan, its research objectives, and its educational contributions.
e) The Medical Director’s view of new programs, behaviors, and policies which may improve the education, training, research and patient care offered by the practice.


The Medical Director will be housed in clinical and office spaces provided by AOH.
The Medical Director will be provided a patient exam space and the basic tools/equipment/supplies necessary to conduct the Best Practices associated with the medical aspects essential to this practice.
The Medical director will be provided scheduling, billing, transcription, accounting, and medical records services by AOH through its facilities, employees, and contracted associations
The Medical Director will set his own schedule for medially related work and arrange administrative work as convenient to both physician and his AOH partners.