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Andrews was founded in 1984 with the express purpose of being the "nicest" agency. Today we continue to strive to be the nicest and we are also one of the largest locally owned services in Chicagoland with 20 different locations.



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any job I assume, Dekalb, Il - July 30, 2015
This review pertains solely about Andrews Staffing itself in the Sycamore/DeKalb, Illinois area and how unprofessional the staff that work there treat job seekers. I had one potential job that I was called for, showed up and their office was a joke, small cramped space with no privacy, people basically sitting on top of each other while personal information was discussed. It wasn't even a job interview, it was more of a screening by these individuals. Anyway, I forced myself to stomach through this horrible process only for them to tell me they will submit my resume and keep me posted, told me I should hear back within a week. After 3 weeks I had never heard back from them nor did they respond to a phone message or email I sent them. Obviously after a few weeks I knew I didn't get the job but was only seeking some sort of feedback if any was given. Last week I was called again about a different position, this process was even worse than the first. Was told it was a supervisor position so I showed up in Business attire only to be greeted by *ngelina (Andrews Staffing Rep) as she stood outside the door smoking and wearing flip flops! I got inside and 10-12 people sat crammed in this little space awaiting interviews for the same positions. What made this even worse is that all these people were dressed like th&gs. Baggy pants, untucked, wrinkled dirty looking shirts and "hip-hop" style shoes, I mean come on. The person doing the interview was late, when he arrived he and *ngelina had a short meeting and she came out and told those not wearing business casual she would have to reschedule them because the interviewer didn't like their attire and would not be interviewing them. I wasn't surprised about this because of how these people showed up looking like they did in the first place, the ignorance was astounding!! Even worse yet is that these cl*wns were actually trying to argue that they looked FINE! Made for a very awkward climate in the office. At this point it took everything I had to not simply walk-out myself due to the unprofessional outlook of what was yet to come, but I thought that I would tough it out and see what they had to offer... Oh yeah, and the fact that Andrews Staffing (*ngelina) had no clue what the salary was to begin with was my first "red flag". So fast forward to my turn in the chair, the interviewer was a nice guy, loved my resume and even said he didn't want to insult me by telling how much the job was paying, he went on to say that everyone there was going to be hired on making the same amount! I shook my head in disbelief because of the time and effort I wasted in getting dressed, printing copies of my resume and sitting in the waiting room with a group of ^%#*&! I told the guy that *ngelina said it was a Supervisory position, the man went on to explain that everyone will be hired on as a low level worker and in time, COULD possibly move up to a Supervisor. (Does anyone reading this think that is a detail that the agency should have known and passed on?) Anyway, I was sooooo angry, I turned down the position flat but thanked the man for his time. On the way out I snapped a bit at *ngelina because on my initial meeting with this horrible staffing agency I told them my minimum requirement salary wise and although she claims she didn't know what they were offering, I figured she at least had some clue that my minimum could be met. She also had no clue that everyone was going to start on the same level. I told her to remove me from her database and thanked her for wasting my time! She or whomever does the research actually DONT research who they are calling and the fact that she had no details about the job is disgraceful! I felt like a pro$*itute being pim*ed out! Being new to the area and never having registered with a temp agency I thought what the heck, let me try it. Never again! If you are an educated, experienced and professional individual seeking a job that can capitalize on your traits and background, then stay AWAY from Andrews Staffing. These people only find jobs for crack heads, high school drop outs and criminals newly released from prison and if you ever find a supervisory position, it is these types of dea@ beats that were at this interview that you will be fortunate enough to supervise! Oh joy! The place is a joke! Expect NOTHING from the staff of this agency! I feel sorry for those companies/organization that pay for their services!


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