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Estimator, Houston, TX - October 22, 2014
I wasted a year of my life at Anglia Homes listening to people talk about hard work instead of engaging in it. I had to hear about how the VP worked 50 hours a week but only showed up for 20. I waited 45 minutes in the parking lot one morning for someone who claimed to be there every morning before 7. I asked the VP constantly for the safety plan and never received it.

I told my boss in my first week that there were errors in the BRIX system only to be told there were not. So 9 months later when I was given permission to update beams, I found those same errors and more since the plans had been updated. Upon closer inspection a colleague and I found that a few plans needed to be altered significantly as they were wrong. Meanwhile, the VP was in complete denial about it as he didn't know the plans and assumed that I was wasting the company's time.

When I started I was told that I was being hired on a 90 day trial basis and if I was kept that my pay would increase. At Christmas I was told by my boss that we needed to discuss the raise. When I asked her about it, she told me that we were all getting a bonus in April. I told her that wasn't the same as my raise that we had discussed. I spoke to her several times about it and finally she agreed to give me a raise. but I didn't get the bonus like everyone else. I had also taken on extra duties in the process.

The most disconcerting aspect of working for Anglia is the incompetence of the President and VP. They show up promptly at 9:07 sharp Tuesday through Thursday and proceed to stir everyone up because things aren't going their way or how they would like them to. I had many discussions with the VP about my job and walked away each time thinking that he didn't have as much knowledge as he claimed. He wanted me to create a spreadsheet showing every option for every community and plan and got very irate when it wasn't done to his liking. I finally determined that the system and the sheets I was working from were inaccurate and that I had been wasting my time for 3 months. He offered neither an apology nor a solution.

I could write a fairly large blog on the shortcomings of this collection of individuals but a peek at the BBB website shows the story all too clearly. As of this writing Anglia has earned a C+ rating with 2 infractions this months.


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