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Externship Canine Mentor Trainer, Mayag├╝ez, PR - February 7, 2015
The job as a mentor trainer at ABC was a side income for me on top of what I was already doing training dogs. ABC students would go into my already established training programs and learned how to work as a dog trainer instructor. I don't think the compensation was great but it did gave me the experience of teaching others and promoting positive based training methods. A typical day was of a leader, organizing the volunteers, students to deliver important information, performing live trainings and dealing with a variety of dogs with different temperaments. I learned and polished my ability to manage dogs correctly, read their body language and to communicate with others. Hardest part was repeating instructions, the most enjoyable part is being able to see how students and dogs bond and progress in their training.



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    Santa Clarita, CA
    Animal Behavior College (ABC) is a highly reputable nationwide vocational school specializing in animal related career training courses....