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About Anvato

Anvato applies cutting edge computer machine vision to content protection and contextual advertising. We enable content publishers to protect and monetize their content via advertising while enabling advertisers deliver more targeted messages and truly engage the users by leveraging video context.

Our patent pending technology, called Perceptual Signature™,
 – more... uses machine vision to extract knowledge about objects, scenes and visual cues from videos.

We offer two products:

ContentID finds illegal duplicates of videos based on visible content, not watermarks. We scan one million minutes of video under five seconds. Our method is robust against advanced attacks such as missing or replaced sound, and image degradation or compression. AdMatch uses our Perceptual Signature to optimally match ads to content so that users get engaged, not distracted. We offer an open source player, a video ad server and advanced video analytics.

Anvato is headquartered in Mountain View, CA. – lessMore from ZoomInfo »