About Arizona Game and Fish Department

  • View of Escudilla Mountain from Sipe at Sunrise.
  • On Hwy. 260 between Pinetop and Springerville.



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The Best Years of My Life
Customer Service Representative II, Kingman, AZ - June 15, 2015
Working for the Arizona Game and Fish for Eleven years and 3 months was the best years of my life. I worked as a Customer Service Representative, and there were time's when we were able to go out in the field and help out. I LOVED every day I woke up because I knew every day was going to be a new challenge, new experience and working there was so great! I took my responsibilities very seriously because I knew what I was doing was very important and it was appreciated. I was always encouraged, always praised by everyone. They NEVER failed to let you know you were doing a great job. It was extremely difficult when I had to move out of state. I didn't want to quit. If you get the opportunity to work for The Arizona Game and Fish, DO NOT hesitate. You will never regret it.