Senior Digital Product Manager - New York, NY

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artnet, the leading international platform to buy, sell, and research Fine Art, Design, and Decorative Art online, is seeking a senior product manager to join the technology department full-time.

Job Requirements

  • 5+ Years of Enterprise Product Management experience in a web based environment.
  • Proven ability to develop and articulate in-depth Functional Requirements including but not limited to formal specifications documents, use case development and analysis, and workflow definition.
  • Significant experience with business analysis and strategy, and the ability to compliment and leverage that knowledge in the product development process.
  • Strong experience with and knowledge of the typical Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) approach to Product Development and the role of a Product Manager in that process covering both Planning, Execution, and ongoing Maintenance and support of a given product.
  • Strong understanding of Web Technology including basic web and database architecture, UI-focused development, API’s/Feeds, search technology, email technology, front-end technology (AJAX, jQuery, Javascript), and other product-supporting systems.
  • Solid experience with Web Analytics and product measurement and the ability to leverage product data to create and improve product functionality.
  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills and diplomacy; the ability to work with a wide variety of teams and individuals of varying functions and levels.
  • Ability to mentor and support junior team members
  • Strong experience with Project Management process and principals – project estimation and planning, project implementation, project communication, risk management, scope management, and process management.
  • Experience working with agile methodologies is required.
  • Degree in computer related area is preferred.

Job Responsibilities

  • Articulate product specifications in a variety of formats to a high degree of detail including ‘page-by-page’ breakdowns of functionality, descriptions of workflows, definition of conditional or dynamic elements within those pages and workflows, use cases, etc.
  • Support the software development process by working with Software Manager; work with Business Owners to illicit and refine business requirements, turn those business requirements into functional requirements, work with the implementation teams to review and refine those requirements, and maintain the product after launch.
  • Build and maintain an intimate understanding of existing Products and Tools, and leverage that knowledge to drive a product-specific strategic roadmap.
  • Build, maintain, and leverage a strong understanding of artnet’s business model, process flow, business units and their function.
  • Identify new products and enhancements to existing products with the potential to grow artnet’s revenue, productivity, and shareholder value, and/or reduce expenses or enterprise risk.
  • Gather and analyze data from multiple sources (product metrics, third-party data, customer data, competitive analysis, industry/business trends, existing documentation, experimentation and research, etc.) and leverage it to develop both new product ideas and enhancements to existing products.
  • Define and articulate the performance metrics needed for a particular product or product enhancement.
  • Support the Product and Site Maintenance process; utilize and improve both bug and enhancement categorization, prioritization, and routing; work with any necessary stakeholders to define and develop the appropriate fixes/enhancements.
  • Effectively and clearly communicate both verbally and in written form on all deliverables and in all discussions, at all points in a given process. This includes but is not limited to things such as Product Analyses, Product Requirements, Bug/Enhancement tickets, and related emails and meeting conversations.
  • Build, maintain, and leverage a strong understanding of the Technology driving the products being managed. This includes a general grounding in HTTP concepts, cookies, basic front-end web development, databases, APIs, network architecture, and the best practices governing these areas.
  • Participate in Project Management process and execution .

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artnet, the leading international platform to buy, sell, and research Fine Art, Design, and Decorative Art online, is seeking a project...