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Autism Behavioral Therapies

About Autism Behavioral Therapies

Within Autism Behavioral Therapies your child now has the opportunity to receive ABA Therapy in multiple environments; pools, gyms, play facilities and your home. Where does it say therapy can’t be fun and engaging? There is a time and a place for your child to sit at a table while learning, and there is a time and a place for your child to – more... get out into the real world and learn while doing. We give your child both opportunities. Motivation is a key component to learning and we MOTIVATE!

Our ABA therapy programs are all individually designed to meet the goals of your child. We start with the comprehensive evaluation done by our Board Certified Behavioral Analysts. From there we develop a customized program for your child. A typical week may include a home visit, a swimming session and a visit to a local play facility. We work with you to develop the ideal program and schedule. All of our sessions are tied together to reinforce the underlying goals as set out by the evaluation. Every session is carefully documented and analyzed to make sure that we are maximizing our effectiveness – less

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