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Avery, Teach & Co

About Avery, Teach & Co

Avery, Teach & Co's business fundamentally is about people: our employees, our customers, our investors, and community members. We rely on skilled, motivated and empowered people to support our business success, whether by designing increasingly efficient services, trusting us with their investment funds, or managing effective innovation programs – more... to improve there performance. In turn, Avery, Teach & Co., supports these people by helping our customers succeed, keeping employees confident and productive, helping to build enduring communities, and creating shareholder value. We recognize that deep, long-term relationships with all of our partners is a competitive advantage for us, and we continually work to align our Citizenship strategy and business priorities to support those relationships.

Since Avery, Teach & Co., is a more market-facing organization, the Company has recognized customers as increasingly important collaborators-particularly in the service-development cycle. A deep understanding of customer needs is critical to the most effective partnerships, particularly since our customers' success complements our own.

To this end, Avery, Teach & Co., has developed a number of tools, processes and programs to engage our customers in service development. Whether Avery, Teach & Co., is measuring our services' impact on customers or convening a global summit to facilitate cross-regional learning and networking, the Company is committed to strengthening our bond with customers and growing our mutual accomplishments.

Culture is the foundation for any successful enterprise, and ours inspires our people to improve every day. It starts by being "mission-based. We have a relentless drive to develop models that matter: innovations that encourage, empower, move and help cure the world. We help clients make things that very few in the world can, but that everyone needs. This is a source of pride. To all of the people we interact with, it defines Avery, Teach & Co.

Avery, Teach & Co's employees are our biggest asset. Our people drive the growth of our businesses and strengthen our leadership position in the marketplace. Quality is always a more important measure than quantity. The diverse nature of our team highlights the ongoing need to hire and retain superior talent, knowledgeable in our various markets. We also need to maintain a positive environment for all of our employees to keep this quality at the highest level.

Our ability to serve our customers and society better is only possible because our academics, engineers, healthcare advisors, managers and marketers work together. Avery, Teach & Co is a "We Company," not a "Me Company. We want people who listen more than they talk; leaders who build teams. We invest to train our people and develop the kind of leaders who learn from our customers, competitors, peers and each other.

Successful companies can only create solutions to some of the world's toughest problems by working collaboratively, and Avery, Teach & Co., recognizes this. From education and community development to health and the environment, Avery, Teach & Co., and our employees and partners also invest time and energy in addressing issues at the community level, through philanthropic efforts and volunteerism.

The ultimate output of our strong culture and partnership with employees, customers and communities is improved performance and delivery of business results. Avery, Teach & Co's investors benefit from our people and our preparation, and we aim to continue delivering a more valuable company over time, earning investors' trust with solid earnings growth and a solid dividend foundation. – lessMore from ZoomInfo »

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