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Territory Account Manager, Woburn Ma - May 8, 2013
I am not sure why, or how the previous two posts are even remotely valid when they say Axceler is experiencing "growing pains." This organization is not new, the only thing new is the latest addition of migration tools that fall into an already flooded market. I did not like my time at Axceler and sincerely made a HUGE mistake. The VP of sales is rude, snappy, degrading, does not help you, holds ridiculous standards in place and does not play nice or fair with the sales team or the people who Axceler calls "partners," which in reality are simply used and abused. It's a sales environment with young, inexperienced telemarketing cold calling individuals and a board or executives that couldn't be less in touch with the people at Axceler if they tried. You are "sold," by the VP of sales upon hire so expect a cheesy, well rehearsed, corny and irritating pitch full of hopes and dreams and growth and fun but do yourself a favor and do your research. Marketing executes cheesy campaigns, and having a SharePoint advocate running around does sales little for leads. You are expected to get your own leads, learn all of the software alone, sit in your cube all day with someone watching your every move. It's disappointing when a company has such a low sense of team work and have to fake their reviews. The CRM was so impossible to work with as each lead has been harassed by so many that you never know when you are picking up the phone to call into a past lead, cold call or current client if they are going to be upset that you have called them again for the 15th time after 6 other people at Axceler did or they simply aren't pleased with their purchase or level of attention. In software you deal with a bit of struggle with development and support but their approach was to blanket everything, everyone and hit all angles doing anything possible to get their product out. The CEO maintains a presence that he is a Fortune 50 CEO and has a very entitled mentality. The trade shows are dreadful as again, you are pushed beyond belief to harass people. You will find there is little to no growth at Axceler. You either sell, or you don't and your fired. If you do, you will get a little attention from the VP of sales until the next turn over happens and the dog and pony show is then put on for the new employees.