Essential Merchant Services Senior Account Executive Opportunity
Bank Associates Merchant Service ( - Brooklyn, NY

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Thank you for your interest in BAMS (short for Bank Associates Merchant Services). BAMS was founded in 2006 on the principle that all businesses, small and large should be able to access effective credit card processing solutions at a reasonable cost.

BAMS is one of the fastest growing providers in the payments industry today.

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As an experienced payments industry professional:

1) Would you like to receive preset appointments in your local area to supplement your own pipeline?

2) Would you like to use our lead management program to track your appointment statuses and help you manage your pipeline?

3) Would it help you to be able to generate accurate, professional proposals with just the click of the mouse?

Sell value over price and be proud to provide your clients with:

  • 12-Hour funding for clients, including AMEX and POS
  • Feature rich online reporting with support for multi-location businesses
  • Chargeback alerts and management software
  • Executive level support
  • Merchant opt-in SMS and email alerts

Save time and energy:

  • Free access to end-to-end customer management software
  • State of the art training by a published and tenured executive manager
  • Free access to a workstation, phone line, and internet
  • Speed up the sales process and expand your reach with:
  • Proposal generator, e-mail templates, fax templates, and targeted marketing material

Best in class compensation:

  • Upfront bonuses and life-time residual payouts – Get paid now and later.
  • Peel-out bonuses, monthly benchmark bonuses, contest opportunities – Hard work earns high rewards.
  • Leads and Opportunities provided directly from BAMS – Receive inbound leads and call center appointments!

Transparent comp plan:

  • Upfront bonus + Lifetime residuals.
  • Peel-out bonuses, monthly benchmark bonuses, contest opportunities.
  • Detailed residual reporting.
  • Multiple cross-sell opportunities that are easy to learn

BAMS has developed the most lucrative Agent program in the industry. We believe in matching your needs with the program that suits you best.

With BAMS, you receive the following:

  • Residuals starting at 50% above our true cost and increasing when certain thresholds are met, as per your Agreement, on any self generated account
  • An upfront commission of $100-$200 per account secured from preset appointments, PLUS residual on EVERY account. Residual on accounts from appointments increase based upon number of deals submitted and approved each month. The more you sign, the more you earn!
  • Additionally, earn monthly bonuses based upon number of deals submitted and approved:
  • 10 Approved Accounts Per Month = a $555 bonus
  • 15 Approved Accounts Per Month = a $1,055 bonus
  • 20 Approved Accounts Per Month = a $1,555 bonus
  • 25 Approved Accounts Per Month = a $2,055 bonus
  • 30 Approved Accounts Per Month = a $2,555 bonus

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