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  • islandgirlatheart 1 day ago
    For those of you who have questions regarding the ASI process at BofA, please ask away! I will do my best to help out.
  • sunitakaul 1 day ago
    So i took the online assesment test for teller's position. and at the end of the test, i got a message saying, that unfortunately my skills don't match the job requirements. and i have to wait for another 6 months to retake the test. What does this mean? Honestly, i hate these online personality tests, they measure nothing about a person's ability to the job.
  • Jen mi 2 days ago
    Hey guys, I just applied for customer service job at BOA, Everything is going smoothly, just went thru finger printing and criminal record. I had a misdemeanor when I was 19 now I m 34. The misdemeanor was expunged back in October of 2011. Not in the same state where i live now My question is does it still show up in your record for employment in the bank ??? And if tt does how long does it take to get the results ? I am starting my job on Monday. I did my finger printing on Tuesday. I have done all the online portal and Batch with picture. Please let me know ASAP !! I m really stressed out and I really want this job. P.s. I stated that i was never convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor in the application, since the lawyer told me I don't have to state any of this because it's expunged .
  • furdog 3 days ago
    I took over a small business my sister had started because she wanted to pursue something else in her field, but we never did any formal paperwork to show that I managed/owned the whole business after she left and everything was still under her name, and then we decided to close it 7months later. Under work experience for the BofA application I put that I was the owner for that small business. Now would they look into that and say I wasn't technically the owner and was lying and not hire me...or would they not really go that far into it? If anyone has any info please help...
  • Jen mi 13 days ago
    Hello, Is there anyone who expunged their theft related charges (dishonesty, theft, shoplifting etc) and have eventually been hired by BofA? I don't really see many cases like those being discussed here. On this forum I see very vague references to someone being hired in spite of some arrests, but I don't see many details. I'm really in a state of confusion now. Can those people who have been hired, despite any charges that they may have had in the past, please come forward and post your experiences? Likewise, if there's anyone who had failed the background check because of previous theft (dishonesty) related charges also post your experience with the corp security. Thank you!
  • nervous123 14 days ago
    I unfortunately have not been responsible in the past, and currently have some small credit card chargeoffs, a judgement against me from my university, and my credit is in the low 500s. I don't have any foreclosures or bankruptcies. what is the likelihood that i would still receive an offer, and is it too late to attempt to start repaying my debts now for when i am questioned about my credit i can at least show that I am attempting to start doing good on my bad credit? all and any info is appreciated, and please no rude comments i acknowledge my credit is my fault, i am just looking for advice. Thanks all in advance!
  • studentforever 15 days ago
    Let me first start off by saying I was soooo excited to be hired by BofA but now I truly regret ever accepting the job! You go through a month of training were you just sit on a computer from 8-5 with only a half hr lunch, they tell you to take all the time you need to learn and understand but then give you a deadline as to when you should be finished. For myself learning on a computer is not adequate training, when you finally come out to the teller line the expect you to remember everything you just spent mind numbling clickig away at and it is not the same when translated in person! For my branch the TOS is a complete b**** instead of teaching and training you she waits for you to make a mistake and badgers you about that mistake forever! In the morning you have huddles were they put you on the spot about your commitements and customer engagement rates when you know nothing about it. If you dont mind being micromanged and I seriously mean that take the job but if you dont like someone breathing down your back listening to every conversation you have observing and taking notes on you constantly questioning your performance then stay far far away from BofA. You also need a cracked out super chipper attitude all day long never ever let them catch you not smiling. It is all about the customer not you in any way shape or form, little side story I cut my finger open on the money drawer and was bleeding seriously bleeding I had a customer at my window and asked my TOS if there were any band aids she left and came back empty handed and asked who needs one I told her myself. She waited until I was finished to say you need to wait until you are finished with your transaction to engage in another conversation. -___-
  • studentforever 15 days ago
    I recently was hired as a customer service representative at Bank Of America in the call center. Can anyone employed in the call center shed some light on specifics regarding the job? How is the call flow, is it a fairly easy job, what is the most challenging part of the job, etc. Thanks in advance!
  • Curious in Cali 15 days ago
    Alright so I have my job offer - I9 - fingerprinting - new hire stuff all done - Just waiting on our friend the ASI. Now I was told that I probably would get a call from Corp Security should there be any issue. Just out of curiosity for those who have spoken with one of them, how would you rate their demeanor? willingness to help? understanding? etc etc from everything ive read I literaly feel like I am going to be speaking to that bad guy in the Matrix who talks slow and wear the black glasses.. O.O
  • cf 16 days ago
    Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Bank Of America? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers? What is a typical day in the life of an employee at Bank Of America?
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