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Business Analyst/QA Test Lead
Business Analyst/QA Test Lead (Former Employee) –  Wilmington, DEJune 25, 2013
Bank of America Corporation, a holding company, provides banking and non banking financial services and products in the United States and internationally. It primarily operates in three segments: Global Consumer and Small Business Banking (GCSBB), Global Corporate and Investment Banking (GCIB), and Global Wealth and Investment Management (GWIM), Mutual Funds (IRA). The GCSBB segment offers credit cards, and co-branded and affinity card products; processing services for merchant card receipts; mortgage products and services; and consumer deposit and debit products, including savings accounts, certificates of deposits, individual retirement accounts, checking accounts, debit cards, and business checking options.

QA Test Lead
• As Test Lead, create Test Plans for multiple projects viz., Consumer Platform Integration, Rewards Integration, Common Authentication, Bill Payer Integration all .NET applications.
• Created Test Cases for IRA (Mutual Funds) application that caters to Self Directed Investors and Full Serviced Investors.
• Updated existing QTP automation scripts to accommodate the changes in online experience for customers. Created various data sets and used it for parameterization.
• Optimized QTP scripts for Regression testing of the application with various data sources and data types.
• Platform integration project - wrote test plans for Account Overview, Account Activity, Pay Bills, Customer Service and Account Services sections for both Transparent and Non-Transparent credit card holders.
• Rewards integration Project – wrote test plans for Cash for
  more... points, Transfer points, History, Overview sections accounting for different scenarios based on whether customer was Consumer Finance or Gold Option.
• Common Auth Project – created logins confirming to BoA standards, MBNA standards, and authentication of logins. Created scenarios for resetting of login names for collision/matching ids.
• Extensive use of MBNA IS the mainframe that hosts all the information pertaining to the account holders. Used for checking and updating information for comparison between front end and backend systems.
• Expert at using data retrieval tool DARTNET that assists in retrieving accounts, test data using advanced search mechanism using STATUS - Good Standing, Delinquent, Stolen, CARD-TYPE - Visa, MC, Amex and RELEASE CYCLES – June, August, October 06
• Expert at using isql tool that was to query Informix and DB2 Databases. The tool was also used to write SQL queries and stored procedures to retrieve or validate information from the databases. The isql tool was run on Unix machines.
• Updation and verification of credit card account information on Super stations - MSS, TSS, CLMS. MSS was used specifically to create cases to handle transactions on credit cards. Eg. Disputing a transaction. TSS was the customer service front end screen that can be used for account information retrieval and updation. Eg. Check status of credit card. CLMS is credit line management system that can be used to authorize the line of credit based on credit history and existing line of credit.
• Expert using Netadmin tool – Used for managing the customer access information. Eg. Blocking/deleting login name, changing security message.
• Performed Regression Testing on Online Banking application for US, CA, UK customers separately during each code drop and at the beginning of each cycle.
• Extensive participation in JAR and JAD sessions with all teams involved in project including offshore development and virtual testing teams.

Business/QA Analyst
• Gathering Business requirement, analyzing and then designing business model
• Tagging & Tracing in RequisitePro
• Used the different types of views in RequisitePro (Attribute matrix view, Traceability matrix to display requirements, attributes and there relationship with each other)
• Creation of security and service level agreements documents
• Created Vision Document, Software Requirements document, Software Development Plan Document, Risk-list document, and Risk Mitigation Plan Document.
• Developed test case scenarios, test cases and change request analysis by Using Rational ClearCase, Rational ClearQuest
• Facilitating JAD sessions and participating in meetings to engage Subject Matter Experts in business requirements definitions
• Creation, Review of Business and System Use Cases
• Coordinated status report meeting with the business and the internal team on a weekly basis.
• Assisted project managers with the development of project schedules and low-level design and analysis of applications.
• Worked with project management to analyze change requests to determine what is being requested and doing its impact analysis by making use of Rational ClearQuest.
• Independently performed the end-to-end analysis necessary to develop comprehensive and effective test strategies. The process included developing test plans, creating test conditions, scripts, and data to support the test.
• Facilitated system and user acceptance testing,
• Involved in meeting with stakeholders and users to review / manage expectations and identify opportunities to improve ROI.

Environment: Rational Rose,UML, RUP, ORACLE, SQL, ASP.NET, MS Office, Rational Clear Case. QTP, Quality Center 8.2, INFORMIX, DB2, Java, SQL, Unix, DARTNET, SQL Server 2000, IIS
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The benefits were AWESOME, but management and HR issues were HORRIFIC
Teller (Former Employee) –  San Antonio, TXJuly 16, 2013
If you have a manager that is morally and ethically robbed, Bank of America will not do a SINGLE thing about it! Fortunately, several of the employees I worked with went on to work at better places. I saw a lot of great employees quit because our particular BCM (Banking Center Manager) treated employees terribly. We each made our complaints to corporate HR and saw ZERO results from it.

A typical day at work included not getting any type of break unless you worked more than 5 hours and no matter how long in the day you worked, you only got a 30 minutes lunch at that.

Also included going through "campaigns" where you had to push a particular product onto most of your customers all day everyday.

Micromanaging - including your BCM standing inside your teller window and creeping up behind you while you spoke to customers. Customers would get uncomfortable and close-up.

Expect to constantly have to reach sales goals of 5% of your customers turning into referrals to bankers (need to be set appointments or see the banker in-person; phone calls were frowned upon) - sounds attainable until you consider that this can mean upwards of 8-10 sales closed PER DAY.

I would say that hardest part of the job was the aggressive sales goals because it took a lot of the focus OFF of serving the customer and moreso looking at that as a sales opportunity only. I did not like that. I always tried to look at it as "how can I help this customer?" but if I didn't land a sale on that person and my BCM found out, I'd get the 3rd degree. Not crazy about that.

Also, no compensation for sales and
  more... no incentives for tellers. You don't make commission, get incentives paid out, etc. NOTHING! You just get the benefit of keeping your job...maybe.

I would say that the MOST enjoyable part of my job was the benefits - good pay (but no bonuses for tellers), GREAT insurance and benefits, and if you're doing anything relative to your work at BoA or the career paths within, then you may qualify for tuition reimbursement!

They also offer an employee discount program (pretty standard for a lot of corporations this size) -- but took away their employee recognition program, which the most I ever got was a cheap hairdryer from anyway. They do not do many things to show they value their employees - like Wells does (incentives for tellers AND they have other appreciation programs like summits with the company's top leadership) so know that upfront and don't be disappointed.

I also enjoyed that my Assistant Manager did everything she could to work with our schedules and be flexible. If you request time off, you usually get it. I also liked having paid vacation, paid sick time off, etc.

The company does quite a few community volunteer events and participates in a lot of different charitable activities! If you donate to non-profit 501 c 3's, they will MATCH your donations I believe up to a certain amount.

If you volunteer a certain number of hours in a year to a specific charity, then you can receive a grant for that organization made from BoA in your name - REALLY cool!

My advice would be to trust your intuition and to not let yourself be walked all over. There are some great leaders in this company and some great Managers and Assistant Managers and TOS (Teller Operations Specialists AKA Teller Managers) and so forth! :)

However, there are some bad apples (just like anywhere else) so just know how to handle the situations, when to leave, etc. Don't stick around if it doesn't feel right.

I learned not to let a job make me an unhappy person. Quitting this job was the best thing that ever happened to me because it allowed me to move onto a job that I now LOVE! I just wanted to make sure to come here and write my review as a reminder to others that if you ever feel mistreated by an employer, speak up. I think had I worked for another branch, the story MAY have been different.
reasonable pay (but no bonuses for tellers who generate most of the leads for bankers)
terrible management, hr is incompetent, short lunches, no true employee recognition program from the corporation (at least for branch/retail employees), no bonuses for tellers
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Senior Business Analyst Lead / Project Manager (Current Employee) –  Jersey City, NJMay 6, 2013
• Coordinated and hosted meetings with multiple cross-functional groups involving Users, Technology Leads and Business Managers from distinct Business Groups to understand business requirements, formulate a solution and discuss timelines
• Worked closely with Program Managers and Heads of Business and Technology Groups to discuss Issues, timelines, help set expectations on deliverables and co-manage the Project Plan along with the US Program Manager
• Analyze the Credit Risk and Market Risk Volatility Mapping for the Standardized Own Estimates Volatility Approach according to FSA BIPRU Regulatory rules for Gaps and inconsistencies in the risk measures like Dollar Duration, Modified Duration and Ratings. This included understanding and documenting the flow of the trade from the front end system (Trade Note) to the Risk systems including how the products like Agency and Non Agency Bonds are automatically mapped to an Index and the process to manually review and correct the same. The project involved a change to the current VaR process to calculate Profit and Loss Approximation Factors.
• Brainstorm and gather requirements from the business for the Risk Weighted Average (RWA) and other components like Loss Given Default (LGD), Exposure at Default (EAD) and Counterparty Charge component of the Basel III Compliance Guidelines for various financial products like Repos, Reverse repos, Securities Lending and Borrowing
• As part of the Wrong Way Risk / Right Way Risk requirement for Credit Risk, analyze the various broker dealer products like Repos, Reverse Repos, Securities Lending
  more... and Borrowing using SQL and Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access and help categorize them as Right Way Risk or a Wrong Way Risk and other parameters like Expected Positive Exposure (EPE) and Potential Future Exposure (PFE). This analysis helped to include these products which are part of the US Broker Dealer in a feed to the Risk Calculation engine for inclusion in the overall Group Risk Calculations
• Gathered and Documented the Business Requirements and Functional Specifications for the Standardized Market Risk Calculator for the US Investment Bank as part of the Dual Reporting Requirement. This included enumerating the steps for calculating Interest Rate PRR (Position Risk Requirement) for Fixed Income Products such as Government Bonds, Bills, Treasuries, Mortgage Backed Securities, Equity PRR for equity products such as Equity, Preferred Stock and Convertibles and Option PRR for options on Equities, options on Interest Rate Futures and on securitizations
• Analyze and Documented the process and specifications for the Reconciliation of trades sent from the US Broker Dealer to the Capital Calculation engine which calculates LGD, EAD, etc. and those sent back to the US Broker Dealer source systems for Allocation of Capital Charges to Traders and Trading Desks. This involved various calculations of the data sent back by calculating using Formulae for various input parameters like Exposure, Repo Collateral, Haircut, applying appropriate Exchange Rates, excluding certain trade types and then performing the reconciliation.
• Gathered and documented the requirements for including US Trading Book Products which were not being included in the Global Capital Calculations as part of the Basel II Non-EEA FSA Reporting. This included data analysis using SQL and Excel and Data Mapping involving the product attributes of Broker Dealer products like Delayed Delivery, When Issued and To Be Announced (TBA), OTC Derivatives like Interest Rate Swaps, Equity Swap Flows, Equity Index Swap Flows, Forward Rate Agreements (FRA) and Bond Options and Securities Lending Products determining the data required for Risk and Capital calculations along with the Business and creating a Business / functional requirements document as a deliverable
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Scammers paradise, Avoid if you have morals
VP, Manager (Former Employee) –  Charlotte, NCJanuary 31, 2013
My last boss introduced himself by saying "Bank of America is my second job." This was TYPICAL. When I was assigned a team across three channels, 30 of my 30 staff worked remotely. The FT had been there 9 and 14 years but would almost never come onsite. The onshore/offshore also were not online most of the time and few of them were productive. Even the five who were USA based would rarely come onsite. Rather than clean up this mess, my senior managers would not support any open dialog about [abyssmal] performance and my peer even actively worked to help the non-performing employees escape to his team - he'd also been there many years. People regularly dial into conference calls and announce themselves but are nowhere to be found 5-10 minutes later when you ask for them - not even online - and even onshore contractors do this. The place is a mess. That's the tip of the iceberg. A gal who'd been there 9 years in this same department and worked on the same small code base for around a year took 3 months to write a design document for a service layer port - a job she should have been able to do in 3 days. But, again, don't raise issues because you have to pretend its all good.
The middle management doesn't know how to run a business nor know technology. They are given big budgets ($M's to $10M's!) and blow around 1/2 of it on useless makework projects so they can show they did something. The typical middle manager strategy is to identify scapegoats. 5 of my 6 peer managers were either laid off, fired, or quit (well, one took a demotion). My boss was laid off, his boss quit, and
  more... her boss [forced to] quit. All within about 7 months. The only peer kept was the yahoo who tried to resuce the nonperformers (word from others was they actually had full-time jobs elsewhere - against policy unless approved. But "policy" is broken continuously and only enforced at the manager's pleasure.)
The new boss said "Bank of America is a dead beast and its up to us to take as much from it as we can". He did too. He replaced my assistant project managers with his buddies from the failed company Bank of America had acquired. They went off and did an Augmented Reality application. They all worked out of their houses. (Probably all had other jobs I'm guessing!) He had almost zero involvement in the numerous (20+) projects we were working for various business units (retail banking, small business banking, home loans and insurance, etc). But, at Bank of America, its not if you do your job, its if you know the right people. In fact, the longest lasting people I saw there actively avoiding doing any real work. This way they could never be blamed. And the senior managers? Whoa! Talk about ultra-sweetheart deals such as $5M annual spend with a vendor who's entire product could be replaced in <6 months for $500K. Sure, our offshore team re-wrote it once. The new boss spend a huge amount of time saying he was re-writing it. Etc. But, it never got done. I'm assuming he and the several others he hired were actually working on his "first job". ;-)
If you have no work ethic and no morals, you can make it there. Do as little as possible and never address any problems. Pretend the makework projects and the half-done work products are great. Remember, "Honor among thieves". Avoid this place if you have work ethic; otherwise it takes months to clean their slime off of yourself.
nice building, decent pay
unethical team, boondoggle, low quality work
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Great benefits terrible work life balance.
Personal Banker (Former Employee) –  Alpharetta, GASeptember 26, 2014
The most challenging aspect was no matter what bank you go to they always seem short handed. Their system is set to run on a skeleton crew to begin with. Every branch I worked at was operating without a full crew, often times missing the Branch Manager or an Assistant Manager. Management at the branch level was the worst, those folks are more concerned with looking out for themselves than doing what's right for the customer or their fellow employees. The interoffice politics was the worst. It is mostly run by women and I'm sorry but women love to gossip and talk and often undermine management or anyone they didn't care for. They have a adopted this new sales technique from a company called "Green Consulting", apparently all the banks have signed contracts with this company, to train their sales crew how to sale without sounding like you are selling. The company had developed such a bad name as having an overly aggressive sales force, that they had to come out with this new approach. The new approach made a tough job even tougher, now you had to sell your brains out, but not sound like it. Not the easiest concept to grasp, and nine times out of ten, most bankers would ditch the new method of not getting the results and just go back to what works, good ole fashioned sales talk. The upper level managers where excellent, but the branch level and below where terrible. Most had huge egos and were anxious to show management what a hard, ruthless tyrant they could be. If you were one minute late you would get written up, unless you were managment. The pay was not that great for all  more... the stress and pressure. You would get audited about three or four time per year. If you fail an audit you had to forfeit all commission income for that quarter, so the pressure to do well on audits was enormous. You basically had no time to study at work and ultimately studied year round at home. Work life balance was a joke. I worked almost every weekend in the three years I worked there. Turnover was terrible, you would constantly be getting new business partners. When you took vacation they would count it against your quotas for the month. So you could go on vacation but you had to blow it out of the water before and after a vacation just to stay in the "green" for sales goals. Working with the customers was the best part of the job, working with management was the worst part of the job. There was a ton of politically correct thought that went into every decision. Bank of America is a very, very left leaning organization politically speaking and their political correctness made me sick sometimes. We had to watch this stupid video about their diversity and how they open their arms to everyone and the video showcases a few of their gay, lesbian and transgendered associate telling us how wonderful the company is for allowing them to be so open and out. God help you if you don't agree with all that at Bank of America.  less
excellent benefits. one of the best medical, dental and vision benefit plans i have ever seen.
high pressure to hit goals that are outrageously high.
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Customer Service
Teller (Former Employee) –  Aurora, ILSeptember 1, 2015
I will succeed at this job because... I believe is the perfect description for organizational success. If the customer decides to do business with your company; and if you provide the customer with excellent services and/or products; and you are able to “exceed” their expectations; and as a result, the customer returns to do business with you again in the future; then your organization is successful. In the end, an organization will succeed as a result of “return business,” It’s return business that will make or break your establishment, not the first timers.

Handling customer complaints is another issue to be tackled. As mentioned earlier, it’s not the fact that the customer may have experienced a complaint, but how it was handled that will determine if the customer will return again.
i will TREAT THE CUSTOMER THE SAME WAY YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED! Provide the customer with the same level of service you would expect if the roles were reversed.
ANTICIPATE AND ACCOMMODATE YOUR CUSTOMERS’ NEEDS! A nation-wide study asked people what they wanted most as a customer. Approximately 70% indicated that they wanted their needs ands desires met prior to having to ask.
MAKE THE CUSTOMER FEEL AT HOME! Make your customers feel at home by being courteous and allowing them to feel comfortable and appreciated for doing business with you.
ALLOW THE CUSTOMER TO GET THE BEST VALUE FOR THEIR MONEY! Customers look for two things: The quality of the product and the quality of the service.
  more... fact that the customer has experienced a complaint, but the way the complaint was handled that will determine if they will return or not. Handle each complaint in a courteous and professional manner and to their satisfaction.
ALWAYS BE WILLING TO DO A LITTLE EXTRA! Go that extra mile to satisfy a customer by always providing excellent service at all times.
ALWAYS SMILE, BE FRIENDLY AND COURTEOUS, AND MAKE EYE CONTACT WHEN SPEAKING TO THE CUSTOMER! This shows the customer that you care about their needs and are glad that they are doing business with you. By providing these services to the customers, they will be more likely to do business with you again.
NEVER ARGUE WITH THE CUSTOMER! Remember: The customer may not always be right, but the customer will always be the customer. There may be times when the customer is wrong about a certain situation. It is important that you never tell them that they are wrong, but to apologize for their inconvenience and assure them that you will do everything in your power to accommodate them. Again, it’s the approach that is important more than the actual incident itself.
LISTEN AND HANDLE ALL CUSTOMER PROBLEMS IN A PROFESSIONAL MANNER! Listen with not only your ears but also with your eyes. Make good eye contact so that they are assured that you are listening and care to solve their problems.
IF YOU CANNOT ASSIT A CUSTOMER, DIRECT THEM TO SOMEONE WHO CAN! Never leave a customer unattended. If you don’t know where something is, find out!
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Wealth Management Advisory Services to clients
Sr. Business/Systems Analyst (Former Employee) –  Princeton, NJAugust 5, 2013
 Coordinated with PM to discuss and create template for Project Technologies, Methodologies, Budget, Time factor, Risks and other factors.
 Assisted in developing innovative processes for wealth management IT solutions involving Asset Allocation (Equities, Fixed Income and Cash), Portfolio Balancing, Risk Assessment and Data Analytics for financial product tracking and reporting dashboards.
 Planned and supervised target meetings (with SME’s such as Financial Advisors), JAD sessions (with all Project stakeholders including Tech Leads), direct interview sessions, conference calls and produced detailed artifacts such as Surveys/Questionnaires and minutes of meetings covering issues discussed.
 Gathered, analyzed, documented high level business requirements for Portfolio Wealth Management and produced corresponding technical requirement artifacts such as Business Requirement Documents (BRD), System Requirement Documents (SRD), Test Cases, Requirement Traceability Matrix and all the affiliate artifacts like UML diagrams (Use Case, Activity, and Sequence Diagrams).
 Conducted Gap analysis, SWOT analysis, Decision Point Analysis, Communication Analysis, Business Rules Analysis, Document Analysis and other related analysis such as Scope creep assessments and Goal Orientation Assessments.
 Conducted detailed Process Analysis and Decision Tree Analysis and assisted in Business Process Re-engineering procedures related to wealth management including identifying bottle necks and failure points, and developing alternative paths for process flow.
 Effectively managed project risks
  more... by creating and managing a Risk Register which identifies, prioritizes and measures risk, risk drivers and expected loss.
 Applied simple Six Sigma DMAIC tools such as root cause analysis and mistake proofing in redefining processes to maintain happy path user experience and eliminate variation and defect.
 Assisted UI/UX team in translating client graphical requirements to reality by creating Mockup Screens.
 Effectively managed change requests by deploying change management techniques such as Change Assessment and Impact Analysis.
 Worked with SME’s and business partners to build business understanding of data issues and Performed Business and Data Analysis for end user report requests using SQL and MS Excel tools.
 Collaborated with Design Architecture teams in formulation of requirements for data across several data sources.
 Worked closely with System Architect to implement Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Client side Validations, Server side Validations, Web Method definitions and data modeling using PL/SQL and SQL Server.
 Identified and documented Business Rules, created detailed Use Cases, and Coordinated Integration testing, Regression Testing and User Acceptance Testing.
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Great company suffering from ineffective management & greed
PERSONAL BANKER (Former Employee) –  New YorkJuly 20, 2013
A TYPICAL DAY AT WORK: Interact with 25-35 costumers. 50% of them would want a copy of their statement, 25% a temporary debit card, 18% would want you to explain a basic math transaction, 5% would provide you with a quality sales opportunity (credit card, new account, loan, etc.). And 2% would have a general complain.

WHAT I LEARNED: Useful information about banking regulations, bank stipulations and fees, how to transition from a service request to a sales conversation and how to dress professionally.

MANAGEMENT: This is probably the weakest area of the company. Quoting a district manager: "When we consider someone for a promotion, we don't have the time to go on reports to consider every qualifying candidate... It's all networking". That's great, but how about when the candidate with the best networking skills, lacks leadership, business knowledge and competence. I'm all for networking, but in my district far too many highly inefficient individuals were promoted ONLY because they knew the right person. Overall, they have a poor talent management strategy.

Recognition and appreciation of your job is almost inexistent. But they're always eager to criticize your mistakes.

MY CO-WORKERS: During my 5 years with the company, I must've worked with at least 50 associates. 95% of them were hard workers, smart and very friendly.

HARDEST PART OF THE JOB: Converting services to quality sales, but not being awarded a fair value for what was sold.

Personal Bankers are paid with salary and compensation (credited quarterly). The compensation is calculated based on the "value created"
  more... during a sale. Example: checking accounts are worth 50 pts., savings= 0; credit cards= 100, etc. At the end of the quarter, one must meet 100% one's goal in order to get paid something (and keep your job). Average example: 25,000 quarterly value.

The problem with all this is that a personal banker would get half of his pay if he met his goal, but the other 50% would get applied based on "behaviors". These "behaviors" would be evaluated by your manager and/or district manager. They include meeting your goal on EVERY bracket of your performance (there are around 50 brackets). Plus your manager must "consider" you a team player, knowledgeable, coachable, responsible, etc.

Not unfair enough? Many of your sales are subject to reversals. This means that if a customer closes the product within a certain amount of time, your hard earned points get reversed.

On top of that, a considerable amount of products (that take time and effort to establish) DO NOT have sales value. Example: savings, IRAs/CDs, debit cards, custodial accounts, second checking accounts, overdraft protection, etc.

MOST ENJOYABLE PART OF THE JOB: The schedule and having great teammates.
flexible schedule, constant training, above average benefits
outdated management structure, unappealing sales compensation, poor talent management, ineffective hr department
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Buisness Analyst Profile
Role - Business / Data Analyst (Former Employee) –  Charlotte, NCFebruary 23, 2013
• Experience in gather user requirements, analyzing and preparing Project Deliverables such as Project Charter, Risk Analysis, Business Requirement Document (BRD) and Functional Specification Document (FSD).
• Proficient in transforming business requirements into functional specifications, focusing on workflow analysis, user interface design, portal design, and process flow modeling.
• Highly proficient in working with stakeholders, Subject matter Experts (SMEs) and end-users to elicit, analyze, communicate & validate requirements using JAD, JAR, & Brainstorming sessions and converging efficiently toward a design acceptable to the customer and feasible for the developers within budget and time constraints.
• Proficient at using organizational change management techniques to ease transitions to new systems and processes.
• Demonstrate skill in building/implementing Change Control process, including business readiness, communication to ensure successful delivery of software applications.
• Comprehensive understanding of the Organizational Framework that help to map the AS-IS and TO-BE model using the GAP Analysis and plan and monitor effective approach to build/buy solutions to the business problems/needs/opportunities.
• Expert at Managing Change Request and prioritize them accordingly.
• Skilled in Use Cases and Unified Modeling Language (UML) for requirements gathering and creating Business Context Diagrams, Work Flow Diagrams and Implementation Checklists.
• Demonstrated ability to work actively in different phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) using Rational Unified
  more... Process (RUP) and Agile methodologies (SCRUM) and Waterfall methodologies in multi-tier web-based architecture.
• Strong experience in conducting UAT and documentation of test cases. Familiar in designing and developing manual and automation test cases & test scripts and defect tracking using Quality Center and MS Excel.
• Tracing requirements through Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) throughout the development process.
• Known for ability to handle Project Scope Change efficiently, and acted as an understanding and accommodating liaison between business and functional teams.
• Involved in creating Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) diagrams, Network Diagrams, RTM, & ERD (Entry Relationship Diagrams) and Identifying Milestones, Task Dependencies & Critical Paths using Gantt Charts.
• Used the complex SQL Queries to pull out data from the databases for the data validation and routine report generation.
• Responsible for monthly reports to upper management involving Trend Charts, Histograms, Pivot tables and ad hoc reports for key metrics and data modeling.
• Organized weekly project status meetings and task review meetings, documented and disseminated meeting minutes effectively.
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Sr.QA Analyst/DWH ETL Tester/Backend Tester/SQL Tester
Sr.QA Analyst/DWH ETL/Backend/SQL (Former Employee) –  edison,njSeptember 22, 2013
 Extensively involved in Developing Test Plans, Test Scenarios, Test Strategies and Test Cases with inputs from the assigned Business Analysts. Tested functionality across applications and workflows.
 Responsible for validation of Target data in Data Warehouse and Data Marts which are Transformed and Loaded using ETL Informatica Power Center.
 Performed data analysis and data profiling using SQL and Informatica Data Explorer on Oracle.
 Involved in testing designing and development of Data warehouse environment.
 Expertise in writing SQL Statements in database to make sure whether the data is populated in Data Mart/Data warehouse According to Business Rules.
 Worked on Autosys for Batch Processing ETL, PL/SQL subprograms and performed backend testing.
 Extracted Data from Teradata using Informatica Power Center ETL and DTS Packages to the target database including SQL Server and used the data for reporting purposes.
 Performed ETL testing and ex used SQL functionalities. Used TOAD to connect to Oracle Database.
 Stimulated several production cycles. Worked with data validation, constraints, record counts, and source to target, row counts, random sampling and error processing.
 Involved in validating SSIS and SSRS packages according to functional requirements.
 Tested reports developed by Business Objects Universes for both Adhoc & Canned Reporting users of Business Objects XI R3
 Promoted Unix/Informatica application releases from development to QA and to UAT environments
 Implemented XSLT style sheet language for XML Stimulated several production cycles.
 Developed
  more... test reports and participated in testing prioritization and archived test results and signoff
 Used TOAD Software for Querying ORACLE.
 Written and executed the functional and regression test script using Test Script QTP.
 Validated Business Objects reports by running the SQL queries based on the business rules.
 Wrote Complex SQL queries to validate the standard reports, Dashboards and Business objects Universes.
 Extensively used SQL programming in backend and front-end functions, procedures, packages to test business rules and security.
 Ran workflows created in Informatica by developers then compared before and after transformation of data generated to ensure that transformation was successful.
 Experience in testing Business Report developed in Business Objects XIR2
 Prepared and ran regression scripts, shell scripts and performed sanity tests and end-end testing.
 Participated in various meetings and discussed Enhancement and Modification Request issues
 Involved in the error checking and testing of the ETL procedures and programs Informatica session log.
 Performed the tests in both the SIT, QA and contingency/backup environments
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Job Work/Life Balance
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HFI Multi Lien Underwriter Manager, AVP (Former Employee) –  Addison, TXDecember 4, 2013
Develops, initiates, maintains, and revises policies and procedures for the general operation of the Compliance Program and its related activities to prevent illegal, unethical, or improper conduct. Manages day-to-day operation of the Program.

Develops and periodically reviews and updates Standards of Conduct to ensure continuing currency and relevance in providing guidance to management and employees.

Collaborates with other departments (e.g., Risk Management, Internal Audit, Employee Services, etc.) to direct compliance issues to appropriate existing channels for investigation and resolution. Consults with the Corporate attorney as needed to resolve difficult legal compliance issues.

Responds to alleged violations of rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and Standards of Conduct by evaluating or recommending the initiation of investigative procedures. Develops and oversees a system for uniform handling of such violations.

Acts as an independent review and evaluation body to ensure that compliance Issues/concerns within the organization are being appropriately evaluated, investigated and resolved.

Monitors, and as necessary, coordinates compliance activities of other departments to remain abreast of the status of all compliance activities and to identify trends.

Identifies potential areas of compliance vulnerability and risk; develops/implements corrective action plans for resolution of problematic issues, and provides general guidance on how to avoid or deal with similar situations in the future.

Provides reports on a regular basis, and as directed or requested,
  more... to keep the Corporate Compliance Committee of the Board and senior management informed of the operation and progress of compliance efforts.

Ensures proper reporting of violations or potential violations to duly authorized enforcement agencies as appropriate and/or required.

Establishes and provides direction and management of the compliance Hotline.

Institutes and maintains an effective compliance communication program for the organization, including promoting (a) use of the Compliance Hotline; (b) heightened awareness of Standards of Conduct, and (c) understanding of new and existing compliance issues and related policies and procedures.

Works with the Human Resources Department and others as appropriate to develop an effective compliance training program, including appropriate introductory training for new employees as well as ongoing training for all employees and managers.

Monitors the performance of the Compliance Program and relates activities on a continuing basis, taking appropriate steps to improve its effectiveness.
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Job Culture
Bank Of America Teller Review
Bank Teller (Current Employee) –  Boston, MaFebruary 10, 2013
I have been with the company for 2 years, a typical day at work is, if you're opening the banking center you listen to the huddle, normally its about your sales goals if you're PB, or 5% customer engagement rate ( your referrals have to be 5% of all customers you helped for example: if you helped 150 customers you have to make 8 referrals, my manager calculates this by the number of transactions), and information on products, you open the banking center and you help customers with their financial needs like in all businesses they're good customers and they're extremely rude ones as well.

What I learned from BOA is how to have more patience with the customers, and nothing in this world is free, and to always have records of everything that is going on.

Management does vary, it depends on the type of manager you're going to get, they're some managers that really know that if the employee is happy the customers will be too. And when you have problems or misunderstanding with the customers they listen to you, instead of assuming whats going on. I also came across a bully manager, a micro-manager, my manager would always be standing you, watching your every move, written you up for anything, always finding something you didn't do or did. Also there are managers that don't have a clue or an idea how the systems work, and when they don't understand they get frustrated, and don't want to learn how all the features in the banking center works.

My co-workers were always team oriented, even though you have to remember its your job, you have to be on your toes, you have be careful with
  more... your referrals, but they do help you when they can.

The hardest part of the job was you couldn't speak up your mind, literally you just had to agree with the customer, and just be quiet, you had to put your head down and sometimes the customers felt they had that power and walk over you, since you couldn't your mind when there is something wrong in the banking center and you report it you're afraid that you might lose your job, or you're so freaked out about it that you see whats happening but you're quiet because you don't want career suicide. Also for your goals, management sometimes forgets how it is to be on the other side, and they just see you as a number of referrals and that's what they're based on.

What I do enjoy is benefits, even though you're part time, you still have the benefits, which is great, there is also paternity leave for future dads, the bond that you make with your co-workers is great, its a team! Also there are branches that are closed on the weekends, so that's a plus!
benefits, team work, flexible schedules
short breaks, hard to balance life/work, the customer is always first, they can fire you with our without a reason, you're sometimes a number of referrals
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Job Culture
Gratifying, Challenging, and Proactive.
Teller (Former Employee) –  New York, NYJanuary 31, 2014
A day at Bank of America is not like I expected it to be. The work is tedious, the training is rough, and we were required to be at work at all costs. So things like weather, light sickness, traffic, and public transportation delays were not an excuse to miss work, or be late. There were strict policies and regulations to abide by within the banking center. Every day at work was rough, challenging, and high volume.

However, I learned some lasting values and skill sets. Skills such as computer programming, multi-line telephone utilization, customer service, trouble shooting, quick and accurate mathematic calculation, extensive banking product knowledge, sales ability, and many more have made an indentation on my skills and knowledge.

Over the course of my employment, I had the privilege to work at 3 different banking centers. Because each banking center has its own unique procedures and sub-regulations, adaptation was a MUST for me. So It was vital that I had direction and leadership. Unfortunately, that wasn't really the case at my last 2 banking centers.
However, I can say overall the management team is very professional and intensely help maintain the banking centers.

My coworkers were the second most enjoyable part of the job. All the Tellers, Personal Bankers, and SSS's (Sales & Service Specialists) were always close knit. I can confidently say that my coworkers are what make the corporation of Bank of America feel like a family. I love and cherish many of my old co-workers.

The hardest part of the job is that regulations, banking products, and procedures are ALWAYS
  more... changing. It was SEVERLY vexing to have trained for the job under a set of rules, and with a particular understanding of what the do's and don'ts are, just for them to be reformed and changed into whatever headquarters thought best for the company.

The ABSOLUTELY most enjoyable part of the job for me personally was the customers. I would say if you are not a "people person" this company is not for you. I have dealt with a plethora of customers ranging from the angry impatient type to the sweetest elderly type that had trouble understanding new ways of banking. I LOVED interacting with all kinds of people with gentility, authenticity, and honesty. I've seen family members I hadn't seen since I was a child, I've forged life-long friendships with certain consistent customers, and I've even sang at the wedding of one of my old customers. The PEOPLE, regardless of how poorly or well I am treated, are why I had the job initially. I was there to provide my service. And I loved every second I had to interact with such people.
good pay, central air/heating was aleways great, good benefits
short breaks, audits, average management, crazy customers.
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Sr Business Analyst/ System Analyst (Current Employee) –  Austin, TXSeptember 29, 2013
• Worked on Stocks, Fixed Income, Capital Markets, Derivatives (Options and Futures) Liaison between the business users and technical team
• Documented details on Holdings project which consists of Real Time Market Data for Financial Advisors/Registered Users to view Allocated Assets, Unrealized and Realized Gain/Loss, Size & Style, Sector distributions, Bonds summary, Valuations of derivative instruments like deposits, loans, equity securities, and Position Detail/s by utilizing Client Financials Data Service Providers
• Interacted daily with front office client managers, traders and associates.
• Planned and attended SCRUM daily, Sprint Planning, Review, Retrospective meetings in the role of Product Owner.
• Graphically represented the business processes using Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)
• Automated excel spreadsheets using Visual Basic (VB) Script in macros.
• Developed financial ration models for fixes annuities on interest paid to investors and interest received on investments in percentage terms. Calculated net asset value of mutual fund sub-accounts of variable annuities
• Documented Business operating and business alignment deliverable for the project.
• Developed existing business process using Six Sigma DMAIC.
• Used cross functional diagrams for As Is & To Be Process models for the application.
• Interviewed subject matter experts (SME’s) and recorded the requirements in a format that can be reviewed and understood both by business and technical team.
• Updated Daily SCRUM in the role of Product Owner.
• Utilize Rational Unified Process (RUP) to configure
  more... and develop processes, standards and created Business Requirement Document (BRD).
• Prepared profitability and cost analysis utilizing cost principle, stable dollar principal, and the objectivity principal for fixed and variable annuity portfolios
• Have written VB Scripts for the excel automation.
• Identified Use Cases from the requirements; Created UML Diagrams including Use Cases Diagrams, Activity Diagrams, and Sequence Diagrams using Rational Rose and MS Visio and thus defining the Business Process Model and Data Process Model.
• Created reports for the understanding the trends of purchasing of buy side analysts using Cognos reporting tools.
• Worked with the Informatica ETL team to understand the requirement flow for the analytical database before loading into Business Intelligence module.
• Experienced in SQL for ad-hoc queries and stored procedure creation for data base testing to make sure the right kind of data is being populated in the tables.
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Job Culture
Productive Workplace
Customer Relationship Manager I (Former Employee) –  Plano, TXJune 18, 2012
Manage portfolio of loans in default, loan modifications, document validation, NPV (Net Present Value) Modeling, Second Mortgage modifications, Short Sale/DIL (Deed in Lieu), and answer technical Foreclosure questions.
• Establish and cultivate long term relationships within the internal departments and with business partners as well as customers.
• Guide customers through the retention and/or liquidation process and navigate on their behalf
• Provide expertise in loan modifications, specific to the investor segment, to customers
• Manage more complex account relationships with emphasis on financial analysis and credit action
• Serve as a liaison to administrative areas within the bank
• Provide sensitivity to the nature of a distressed customer situation while keeping a professional demeanor in communicating with customers, setting expectations regarding loan status and possible difficult decisions up to the final resolution.
• Maintain line of business expectation of answering 80% of calls in 20 seconds or less.
• Return calls/messages left by customers within the established timeframes.

Mortgage Servicing Specialist I

Bank of America
August 2008 to April 2011

Process routine transactions and documenting loan history
• Respond to Customer, Investor or other 3rd party inquiries
• Research and/or prepare documentation or analyze requests in accordance with established First Mortgage guidelines and determining appropriate course of action

2nd Level Queue Representative

Bank of America
July 2007 to August 2008

Research and locate missing payments from Customers
• Correct
  more... misapplied funds and update system to reflect accurate account information
• Update Year End statements for Customer relations and generate sales when applicable

Customer Service Representative

Bank of America
January 2007 to July 2007

Deliver superior customer service through the call center channel utilizing state of the art technology.
• Provide first call resolution on inquiries, requests and problems.
• Take personal ownership to ensure every customer was completely satisfied with resolutions to questions concerning general information, products/services and complex service issues.
• Assist as an expert generalist by successfully navigating the organization to resolve customer requests with a maximum of one handoff.
• Route, maintain and track outstanding service requests to provide follow-up with partners and clients.
face paced work enviroment
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worst job I ever had
teller (Former Employee) –  los angeles, caJuly 22, 2013
I started working for bank of america not too long ago. I was there for about a month and a half or so and that was enough for me to resign. It has nothing to do with responsibility or personal issues. Actually, I had always dreamt of working for a bank, since I was a teenager! I was very excited, hopeful and motivated to start a job with the prestigious bank of america. My first three days, okay. After that, I felt management was picking on my every move: my way of greeting customers(which was very pleasant by the way), but they wanted an exact phrase, my attire, which was probably more professional than other tellers, they wanted me to do transactions in an exact order, but the order I was doing was just fine (learned from other tellers)....sometimes one manager would show me something someway and another rude manager would come and completely humiliate her by overriding her opinions and techniques. When at the teller window, if there was something I did wrong or was missing, my manager would come and correct me right in front of my customer! Not only was she not courteous and professional, but she told me in a loud and angry tone. I felt really unliked and mistreated there. I saw how she would treat her two favorite tellers (friends whom she would go out with) and even guys. Once I finished my training on the computer, they threw me right on to a teller window and would get bothered (seriously upset ) if I asked a much that one day, my non-helpful manager asked me "Didn't your training teach you how to do it? Should I have you take your training all over again?  more... Because I can"
I was so upset at her lack of management skills...I have been a supervisor before and that is definitely not the way to do it. I can go on and on about this horrible experience, but let me just warn you all. It is not as great as it seems. They really do drive you insane and expect tellers to do all the work and get all the referrals. That should be a part duty for managers, instead of them just standing aroud, mistreating people. also, personal bankers. They should get off their desk and work to get customers. Tellers should not do it all! When you are hired as a teller, they never mention you will be a bank slave... unless its in the fine print. Careful to all of you applying and good luck. If you are in los angeles, avoid the sixth and central location. Very non-friendly management and non-understanding whatsoever.
But if you do work for them, you will see this on your own.
health benefits, clean environment
short breaks, varying work schdule, no teamwork, too muxh workload on tellers even if you are new
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Realizing Potential
Trust Settlement Assistant II (Former Employee) –  New York, NYAugust 19, 2012
After commuting an hour and a half every morning through a combination of walking and riding the train I would settle into my desk, turn on my computer and unlock all my drawers. Then I would grab the new assignments for my officers from my work folder and check for any assignments left in my overnight bin. Next, I would open up my MS Outlook and go to the Trust Settlement Inbox to print out any new assignments that may have come in. If any, I would print them and give the documents as a package to my boss. If all the necessary documents weren't there I would need to correspond with the client relationship officer to retrieve the necessary documents. After entering the trust account specifics for each of my officer's new assignments into our team database I created folders for them and handed them out. There was always work to be done and I would jump right into working on my main tasks. My responsibilities included circulating account information notices (summary of beneficiaries and how the account is to be distributed), entering information on beneficiaries in a global BOA system (such as names, addresses, social security numbers and distribution percentages), preparing and mailing trust settlement packages, following up with clients, reaching out to all beneficiaries financial institutions to ensure proper delivery of funds, managing warehouse files, ordering supplies, keeping track of officer's expenses and trust account reconciliations. I loved working in the city atmosphere. Collectively, my coworkers and I were all extremely busy and rarely socialized but when we did  more... find a little time it was always full of laughs. I still keep in touch with some of them to this day and they have no trouble letting me know when the U.S. Trust cafe is serving my favorite soup. I became extremely familiar with the trust settlement process. My ability to absorb knowledge and get to work left me with a lot of extra time in my first couple of months. Subsequently, I was assigned to assist the senior vice president and when my boss got approval to hire another officer I was assigned to assist them as well, giving me three officers as opposed to the usual two officers per assistant. Even still, I found time to help the other officers with many things and pitch in to help the other assistants complete some of their tasks. This is where I learned my true potential as an assistant. U.S. Trust, Bank of America was by far the best job I've ever had.  less
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Job Culture
Java Developer
Sr. Java Developer (Former Employee) –  Charlotte, NCFebruary 15, 2015
• Involved in Various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and involved in Agile methods, break tasks into small increments called SCRUM with minimal planning.
• Analyzed the system for Requirements and Design by developing Use Case, Class, Sequence and Collaboration Diagrams using Visio as part of UML & created documents.
• Involved in writing Spring Configuration XML file that contains declarations, DB connections and other dependent objects.
• Implemented Model View Controller (MVC-2) Architecture using Struts Framework in Presentation tier for validations.
• Developed Action classes and forms using Struts2, for request submission screens and loading different components in form. And client side validations in JavaScript and server side validations in Struts2.
• Extensively used Spring Framework Jaxb2Marshaller, for marshalling and unmarshalling the request object.
• Implemented Spring Framework AsyncTaskExecutor for picking up the next available request and processes it and ThreadPoolTaskExecutor to queue the requests.
• Developed Spring Framework based RESTFUL Web Services for handling and persisting of requests and Spring MVC for returning response to presentation tier.
• Used Spring AOP for exceptions logging along with log4J and transaction handling in DAOs.
• Used Hibernate and Hibernate annotations and Java POJO to design the modeling part of the application.
• Developed CustomDataSource using Hibernate SessionFactory, to get connections to different environments and DAO for persisting to different environments.
• Developed Java code to read xml files using
  more... JAXB and XML.
• Extensively used Java 5 features and Threads and Java Runtime process to execute Open Deploy(OD) commands.
• Used Java Mail to notify request submission, completion to users and L3 support for errors.
• Involved in JSP page designing using Struts2-JQuery and Struts2-JSON pagination.
• Used Perforce for connecting to repository server, workspace creation on server and sync the files and Open Deploy(OD) to deploy sync files to target APP and Web Servers
• Developed Stored Procedures, triggers and functions using PL/SQL and for data integrity among all tables.
• Used Hudson along with Apache Maven to build the JAR and WAR files.
• Resolving the production support service requests by adhering to the SLA that is reported in JIRA and Sharepoint.
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Fun place to work
Teller II (Former Employee) –  Lenoir, NCJuly 2, 2014
On a typical day, while the lobby is open, tellers are obligated to not only wait on customers who enter the lobby and drive-thru, of course, but also to answer the telephone. The telephone constantly rings and sometimes we can help the person on the phone by providing information regarding their deposits, their account balance, and a plethora of other questions or concerns the phone client may have. However, at times we must refer the client to another employee in the bank such as a loan officer; customer service who handles account problems, stop payments, opening accounts, etc; the mortgage lender; or another employee to help the customer.

It can be very hectic handling a high volume of both walk-in customers, drive-thru customers, and telephone customers. Some of the transactions I process on a daily basis include deposits and withdrawals from accounts (including cashing checks), loan payments, safe deposit box payments, and others.

Tellers at bank I work for must balance their drawer daily, which means counting all the cash in their possession and matching it to their totals for the day, or all cash in and cash out. We also have an ATM teller in charge of the automated teller machine who must run the reports for the ATM, make sure it has enough cash, process the ATM deposits, and other duties.

At my branch I am custodian of something called a TCD, or teller cash dispenser. The TCD is very handy when a customer wants to cash a check, for instance, and wants all hundreds, but the teller does not have the proper cash or denominations to perform the transaction to the client's
  more... request. The teller can "buy" money from the TCD to get exactly what they need for their transaction. I must audit the TCD weekly by counting every piece of cash in the machine. I also run reports to match the cash in the he TCD daily as the balancing procedure specifies.

We are required to scan, or create an electronic image of, our work at a special computer each day. All our work must be facing the same direction, not upside down, and must be neat with no staples, clips, or any other extraneous paperwork.

At my bank, at 2 pm we do what is called a cutover, or turnover, to the next business day. This is so all work can be processed in a timely manner and be shipped where needed, if required, and items processed for collection and whatnot.
healthcare, open, friendly
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7 years of IT experience
Technology Lead (Current Employee) –  Jersey City, NJOctober 16, 2013
Professional Summary

• 7 years of IT experience in Analysis, Design and Development of Client Server and Web Applications with emphasis on Data Warehousing Architecture.
• 6 years of Data Warehousing ETL experience using Informatica Power Center 7.1, 8.5, 8.6, 9.1 versions.
• Around 1 year of development experience on COGNOS Reporting Tool.
• Around 8 months of development experience on SSRS Reporting Tool.
• Hands on experience in Informatica Administration like Repository set-up, Domain configuration, User management, Code migration etc.
• Strong Knowledge of Informatica Power Exchange while reading data in Real Time and Creation of Data maps for reading the Source files into Informatica.
• Strong Data Warehousing fundamentals with expertise in Design and Development of ETL.
• Involving in the Architecture and Design of solutions delivered as part of various projects.
• Experience in Creating the Data Mart using the Flat file sources.
• Expertise in Data Extraction from Flat Files, XML, Excel, csv, fixed width, delimited, txt, VSAM using Power Exchange feature in Informatica.
• Involved in the High level design for the ETL solution and reviewing the detailed level design.
• Worked on Data warehousing Implementation projects for large Investment Banking giants like Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Financial Giants like Ameriprise Financial.
• Experience in integration of various data sources like Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Flat Files, XML files, COBOL Mainframe files.
• Complete understanding of Software Development Lifecycle and Core area of experience in validating end-to-end
  more... business scenarios of B2B (Business to Business) applications, Enterprise Applications and developed expertise in Informatica, Cognos, SSRS, Oracle, Pl/SQL in Banking, Insurance and Financial applications.
• Ability to meet deadlines and handle pressures coordinating multiple tasks in project environment, excellent communication, interpersonal, analytical skills.
• Good hands-on experience in Fixed Data Lineage and Dependency Analysis
• Strong leader with expérience training developers and advising technical groups on ETL best practices
• Obtained knowledge on various phases of data warehouse development lifecycle, from gathering requirements to design, development, testing & UAT.
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