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When it comes to selling hot dogs, Bar-S Foods is serious about being top dog. The company manufactures hot dogs, corn dogs, bacon, lunchmeat, hams, and smoked sausage under such brands as Bar-S, Extra Lean, Old World Premium, Jumbo Jumbos, President's Pride, and Chuck Wagon. Its more than 100 meat lines are sold to deli, retail grocery, warehouse club, and the military and other institutional customers throughout the US, and sometimes abroad. Headquartered in Phoenix, the company operates three production facilities and a distribution center, all in Oklahoma. Founded in 1981, Bar-S Foods was acquired in 2010 by Mexico meat and cheese processor Sigma Alimentos, part of industrial behemoth Alfa SAB.

The addition strengthens Sigma Alimentos' portfolio with products positioned on the supermarket shelf as higher-value, as well as its market share of the North American refrigerated grocery section. Bar-S ranks #3 among the industry's top hog dog makers. 

For its part, Bar-S looks to benefit from combining its strength with Sigma's supply, production, and distribution, which is largely outside of US borders. Along with rivals Sara Lee (Ball Park) and Kraft Foods (Oscar Mayer), Bar-S sales have been burned by the recession, which drove consumers to trade down in their food purchases. The economic turnaround is spurring demand, but it is also increasing grain prices and fuel costs, as well as shrinking supplies.



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Bar-S Foods Co., a thriving company heading down a dangerous path
A Concerned Manager, Phoenix, AZ - July 4, 2011
The largest processed meat company in the United States, recently acquired by Sigma-Alimentos out of Monterrey, Mexico. The company was always very well run, as upper management were intimately familiar with the business and set stretch goals. Bar-S was always "lean and mean" which helped the company keep overhead costs low and maintain relatively low-levels of red tape. The company was always severely under market in terms of compensation. A healthy bonus programmed helped, but that is now being phased out. After selling the company to a foreign competitor, senior management is retiring and a wave of new management from Mexico is taking their place. Unfortunately this new team knows little about the business and, over all, aren't what one would call particularly savy in business in general ... particular manufacturing operations or cost accounting. Managers and key employees are fleeing the company in droves, which will worsen the problem. Hopefully they can turn it around before sales and profitability levels are impacted. Unfortunately, however, key decision makers have not yet realized the dangerous path the company is beginning to head down.
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