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Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
A company that relies heavily upon Physical labor and inventive ideas but has failed to step up to current technology throughout their processes
Production Team leader, Sanitation, Westfield, NY - September 29, 2012
The Day would start with the handing out of shift paperwork to all machine and packing areas. Paperwork would include Weight sheets, Batching sheets, Quality check sheets(HACCP), Oven/Proofer setup sheets and Palletizer sheets.On the Forklift I would setup the Mixer operators with pallets of Ingredients, Then setup the Proofer system and Tunnel oven. Mixer operators would start mixing dough, Pan people would load conveyors with bottom pans and lids, product would be molded at 1 of 3 Lines then mechanically dropped into the pans, Product would then be proofed and baked, Finally the product would be cooled and packaged.The process would follow throughout the day and Products such as Frenchbread and biscuits would be shipped out for further processing/Topping. Upper Management knowing fully their task seem ever so happy to delegate their responsibilities at a moments notice then just as swiftly seek corrective action when their "vision' was not up to their expectations. The most challenging part of the job was setting up the equipment for correct dough temperature and proofing it to the correct size before baking. the proccess once started cannot be stopped for long periods of time because overproofing and/or burning of the product would result. I enjoyed the everyday challenge of getting the Bakery started. Having a natural "feel" for the equipment would make the job more Artisan style and enjoyable.