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About BillingTree

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, BillingTree is developing ways to make it easier for people to get paid for their products and services. BillingTree has become the trusted and proven solution provider to a variety of industries looking to increase efficiency and process payments quickly. BillingTree has lead the way with progressive, innovative solutions – more... that address the diverse needs and challenges surrounding the payment process. With our experience in the payment industry, we have developed the most reliable, user friendly payment solutions in the world today.

Founded by Jim Worman , Dan Willis and John Mousheghian , BillingTree was built to help clients achieve maximum efficiency in a very fast paced, evolving environment. Our years of experience in electronic payments, sales, finance and customer service give us unique insight into many aspects of business.

The BillingTree mission has always centered on simplifying the often-confusing world of electronic payments, thereby allowing clients to focus on their core competencies. BillingTree combines state-of-the-art technology with decades of customer-service experience to give clients the latest payment solutions available to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace. BillingTree continually strives for excellence through superior technology and industry expertise. Driven by a need to create solutions that provide customers with strategic advantages in their marketplaces, BillingTree has become the industry expert in payment technology.

BillingTree carefully listens to the needs of its customers and continually evaluates the challenges for emerging industry trends. As a result of this approach, BillingTree offers the most comprehensive suite-of-payment options on the market, including ACH payments. In addition to our core product gateways, BillingTree also offers a number of value-added productivity tools to enhance the speed and efficiency at which a company receives and processes payments.

Whether it's updating your current systems or introducing additional revenue streams through new technology, BillingTree, Inc. simplifies and accelerates the way a business receives payments. – lessMore from ZoomInfo »

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