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BlueHawk Associates, LLC, is a generalist HR services consulting firm that helps enable your growing business achieve its objectives through innovative people strategies and practices that fit your business strategy and unique culture.

Our approach is so effective because, we've 'sat in your seat'. We're not consultants that will quote theory to you
 – more... and it won't take years to see the impact of our work. We come from leadership roles in a variety of industries from media to financial services to travel services to distribution. One thing has been a constant: PEOPLE matter when you are trying to be GREAT, not just good.

In this post-recession economy, your organization is operating leanly, sometimes too leanly. Despite your company's success and its ambition for bigger and better, you may lack the resources (time and staff) to support the people side of the businesses. Yet you know that PEOPLE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!

An investment in BlueHawk is an investment in guaranteeing your own business outcomes.

You will achieve your objectives faster and with higher quality by:

Freeing your leaders to focus on strategic and high-impact people, production and sales activities, rather than on time consuming recruiting, HR administration and tasks. Ensuring that you are getting every penny's worth out of every employees' performance and your investments in compensation and training. Minimizing your risk exposure on your employment practices and sticky-situation management. Finding cost economies and efficiencies in the delivery of shared activities, such as training, recruiting, communication and some key benefits management.
Providing a "Time Share" style of accessing world-class HR leadership at a fraction of the cost of a comparable in-house HR function.

The largest expense business owners incur is - PEOPLE. Getting a better return on that investment can often mean the difference between profit and loss. Having a Talent Management strategy in place allows you to examine the ROI on your PEOPLE in the same way you would manage all other business expenses. Remember, PEOPLE truly ARE your greatest asset. We believe you should not only have an engaged workforce, but more importantly, you should have a PROFITABILY engaged workforce.

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