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Bob Ward Companies, one of the largest home builders in metropolitan Baltimore, Maryland, currently builds communities of townhomes and single family homes that are 100 percent ENERGY STAR® rated. Completing about 200 homes per year in Maryland and southern Pennsylvania, Bob Ward has been a leader in the homebuilding industry offering customers – more... high quality and added value by incorporating promising new technologies into their product. As one of the first ENERGY STAR builders in Maryland, the company has placed considerable importance on the energy efficiency of their homes. Therefore, they were a natural choice as a builder-partner to demonstrate innovative energy efficiency features and construction methods as well as renewable energy technologies. Their PowerHouse project will offer designers, builders, trade contractors, and homeowners practical solutions for creating high performance homes at affordable prices. The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) has served Maryland since 1973 with a primary goal of maximizing energy efficiency while promoting economic development throughout the state. Through federal and state funding, the MEA educates multiple constituencies including consumers, private business, government officials, and media to increase awareness about the importance of energy efficiency both locally, as an economic driver and nationally, to reduce reliance on foreign energy resources. In the housing industry, the MEA has worked with builders across the state to expand the ENERGY STAR program and improve the energy and environmental performance of new and existing homes. Building America is a program within the U.S. Department of Energy that seeks to improve the energy efficiency and overall performance of new and existing homes. With a goal to increase the energy performance of new homes by 70% over the next 20 years, Building America partners team with production builders to incrementally improve the energy efficiency features of their homes. Through value engineering and identification of practical, market-ready technologies, builders can incorporate equipment, systems, and construction methods that enhance whole house performance and reduce monthly utility bills while maintaining reasonable first costs. The long term goal of the Building America Program is to develop cost-effective energy-saving and renewable energy systems for homes that ultimately will result in a net zero-energy home. The NAHB Research Center (NAHBRC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), is a leader in the home building industry's research and development efforts. Since 1963, the NAHBRC has sought to advance housing technology, identify and expedite the incorporation of innovative technologies, and improve construction methods while enhancing housing affordability. The PowerHouse project is an example of the work that NAHBRC undertakes with builders to identify and document practical technical solutions that improve the quality, performance, and affordability of homes and home building products. The material provided on this website is intended for informational purposes only. Bob Ward Companies has put forth effort to insure that all information on this site is accurate to date. Nevertheless, inaccuracies may exist. Bob Ward Companies takes no responsibility for any oversights. Nor do they guarantee the accuracy of information, graphics, text, links, or other items contained within these materials. All things in or about our model homes are not included with the sale of any home. All materials are subject to change without notice. Bob Ward Companies reserves the right to make any changes to the home and/or plans and specifications, as they deem necessary. – lessMore from ZoomInfo »

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