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  • Meocia 16 hours ago
    Boing is going to bring the production of the 787 to Charleston S.C. and the buzz on the street is nothing but optimistic as to what this means to our local community. I, for one, am extremely excited about this opportunity for the simple fact that this opens the door for approximately 3800 jobs. With a brief history of Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems from my service in the USAF, I am looking forward to earning the opportunity to make the career move from restaurant and retail management back to something I really love, and that’s pretty much anything dealing with aviation. The application process is extremely lengthy and time consuming, and I wanted to enlighten anyone in the middle of the process as to what lies ahead. You must remain patient and stay focused on your goal of employment at the end of this process. I personally have been riding this roller coaster of emotions for over 4 months now and I am finally starting my pre-employment training on Monday, Feb. 8th 2010. I am extremely excited about my opportunity ahead and I know many of you out there are feeling the same way I do and are desperately wanting to know where they stand in the process. I hope to shed some light on the subject for you and welcome any feedback or shared experiences as well… Step 1: go to and submit your application. This may be a wasted step if you do not have 1 year of experience in Manufacturing, Aircraft or Automotive Maintenance, or Construction. Look at the requirements first. Don't worry, if your not qualified, they offer classes at the local community college, Trident Tech, and also so other alternatives, see for more info as well.
  • Failed drug screening – 0 replies
    K Jeter 11 days ago
    Has anyone tried to really after waiting the 18 months they make you wait after failing a pre-employment drug screening? Does it affect your chances of getting hired? It was a mistake-there wouldnt have been anything in my system.
  • Offer dilemma – 0 replies
    sqt5202 11 days ago
    I recently received a contingent offer for Modification electrician field in Seattle. My dilemma is that I currently am employed at JBLM as a contractor and the starting pay is considerably lower than what I make now, like 12 dollars an hour lower. I tried contacting the staffing specialist to see if there may be any room for negotiating my compensation, to no avail. I would love to work for the company and can afford the pay cut( not that I wouldn't feel it), but would like to know how realistic is moving around in the company, is it a pretty common occurrence? I guess what I'm looking for is a faster trac for a pay raise than receiving the standard 50 cent 6 month raise? I am by no means inexperienced, 12+ years in the field, it almost seems unfair to start out that low considering my experience and education(about 1 semester from completing my Associates in IT). The most enticing and probably one of the only reasons for me considering this position is the 6 year labor grade max out. How realistic is it that people stick around that long? Another reason for the consideration is the "foot in the door" outlook. I've been applying to Boeing for a long time and would hate to let this chance pass me by.
  • dmbandy 12 days ago
    Just wanted to share this. I was searching the hell out of the internet to see other peoples timeline, so heres mine basically 100% complete up to the contingent job offer. Keep in mind I am a rehire with the Boeing company, i worked for boeing for about 3 years on the 787. I recently applied for Integral Fuel Cell Systems which is a grade 6 in tank systems installer. Here is my time line: 05/08/2014: Applied for Integral Feul Cell Systems 05/14/2014: Email stating i am under consideration for Integral Feul Cell Systems 05/22/2014: Email inviting me to a job interview event 5/28/2014: Interviewed with Boeing in seattle. 6/16/2014: Got a call this morning asking me to fix some stuff for my background check, later in the evening was emailed a contingent job offer
  • Hiring Process – 605 replies
    John CK 20 days ago
    Hi my name is Angela and I applied for a job at Boeing in April 2010. I am still under consideration for this job. I live in St. Louis, MO and the job is in Everett, WA. Does being under consideration for so longer mean that I will not get the job. Does Boeing offer any reloation packages for new employee. Any help will be appreciated.
  • Background Check – 112 replies
    solo 25 days ago
    I am currently awaiting my background check to clear. Yesterday i recieved a letter in the mail via fedex stating that my background check has raised concerns for my suitability of being hired. The only thing i have on my record is a dui which i did not disclose due to the fact that the application stated i didn't need to list any charges that i took pretrial classes for. Unfortunately i misunderstood this and did not disclose it being that i took pre trial classes for it. The letter also states that i am to contact boeing security background screening which i did and haven't heard anything back. Has anyone else had this problem? Do you think that this means they will select another applicant indeffinately or do i still have a shot at getting hired?
  • Meocia 27 days ago
    Hey, Has anyone out there done the pre employment training for Boeing. If so how long did you have to wait till after your training for them to call and place you. I finished my month long non paid training for Assembly Mechanic on 12/18/07 and was put in the candidate pool and still have not heard a thing. When I question them they say you just have to wait but I was told it usually was only a couple if not less week wait. Gosh I can't keep waiting like this, I'm ready to take another job offer. Looking for someone who has been thru it and how long it took. Anyone out there that can help me out.Thanks
  • Brandi 28 days ago
    "Please read the following questions carefully before answering. Failure to answer truthfully and accurately will result in failing the background screening. (Note: California applicants may qualify for certain disclosure exemptions as described immediately below this section). Answer "Yes" if any of the questions below apply to you. Crimes include both misdemeanors and felonies. Some examples of crimes that must be disclosed include: Driving under the influence, minor in possession, reckless driving, negligent driving, reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. Do you have any criminal charges pending against you or open arrest warrants? Are you under charges for a crime and ordered by a court to participate in a deferred prosecution program, such as accelerated rehabilitative diversion, stipulated order of continuance, alternative adjudication, suspended sentence, or any other court-created alternative sanction? Under your current name or any other name, have you ever been convicted of a crime other than a minor infraction or moving violation? List all misdemeanors and felonies if you answer "Yes" to the question above by clicking on the Add Criminal History link. * If yes, name used Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Court location Nature of offense Disposition" _ This should help you guys prepare to answer the questions so as to not get offers withdrawn!!!
  • Brandi 29 days ago
    Greetings Everyone, I have relied on this website throughout my job search with Boeing. A lot of this information is either false or out of date. As someone who as walked through the process and will be starting employment soon, I thought it be beneficial to all of you seekers to give you some advice and information, of course because hindsight is 20/20. Apply, apply and apply again. Set your job notifications on email to anything entry level and in your area. If you are western washington, you will get plenty of notifications. Don't rely on one "under consideration" on one job and think you are close to getting hired. Apply for all jobs that you qualify for, and focus on the "basic qualifications" when tailoring your resume. Don't copy and paste, a set of eyeballs will eventually see your resume. If you get the invitation to apply then you have made it to the next step. BE HONEST! I REPEAT, BE HONEST! Billions of dollars worth of aircraft is not built by only hiring people who are squeaky clean, but IF YOU LIE YOU WILL HAVE A FUTURE OFFER TERMINATED! If you get to the interview the best advice I can give is to be prepared, and be cool. HR people aren't doing the interview. They are managers that work on the floor, working people that were in the same position at one point in time. They will score you high if they like you and you answer the questions in the STAR format, the substance of your answers isn't critical, they are testing how well you follow directions. After the interview it is my experience that if you did well they will give you an offer that day, but I would bet that it differs from job to job. Then the waiting game ensues, if you were honest on you app then you have no worries, but it will take weeks to get your contingencies passed, and longer to actually start employment BE PATIENT!
  • Resume Length – 0 replies
    ngkrei 1 month ago
    Boeing's system allows resumes to be up to 15,000 characters. Should the resume be this long? Is it better to use up to the max allowed characters to fit in more key words or will nobody read a resume that's too long?
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