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  • Not What was expected! – 24 replies
    ThatGuyThatDidThatThing 1 day ago
    I have been lurking on this site for quite some time, ever since my husband started applying for Boeing jobs last July. He has applied for 5 jobs and finally in January he got invited to an interview to be held in Long Beach California for a job in Washington. So I immediately turn to this website for assistance as what to expect. We study the STAR method over and over until we have it down to a science. Our interview invite said to dress "business casual" which he has never gone to an interview in business casual attire, but if thats what they want, thats what we will give them. He shows up to the interview in jeans, a button up and some nice shoes (I know I cringe at this, but it was business casual) He walks into the interview and the first words out of there mouth were, "roll up your sleaves undo your top button and get ready to perform some tasks!" You read that right, no STAR questions nothing it was all based on job knowledge! They had tools there, and tasks for him to perform, they never asked him one "STAR" question! When he left the interview they told him he would hear something in 3-6 weeks as they had more interviews to do and wouldnt even be back in Washington to make a decision as who they were going to hire until the end of the week. Here is the next odd part, before we even made it home from the interview he received a phone call letting him know there was a job offer in his e-mail and they would like him to look it over and accept it so they can get him and his family to Washington as soon as possible! I am only saying there is no way to know what to expect, every situation is different and when you expect one thing there is a chance it is something completely different!!!!!! We are super excited for this new adventure in our life and I am just posting this to let people know follow your gut, dont beat yourself up expecting one thing cause it could be totally different, and it is possible to get a job at Boeing in Jeans and a button-up!
  • wsc 3 days ago
    Long scenario short here. I applied for Inspector assembly and installation B for the Everett plant opening on July 12th, 2014. I received an email from boeing asking me to complete an online questionnaire for the job on 8-3-2014, and did so the same day. I received another email on 8-13-14 informing me that the job opening has been cancelled, yet I am still under consideration apparently, according to my job status page. Has this happened to anyone else?
  • Alex12 7 days ago
    I received a Fed-Ex package in the mail from Boeing today. It says that there is a concern with my criminal history. In the application under disclosure it ask me to disclose any misdemeanor or felony charges that I was CONVICTED of. I neglected to put down a charge that was dismissed. I didn’t put it down because a dismissed charge means that I wasn’t convicted. I even called their hotline to double check with them. Although the background paper work they sent me today included my dismissed charge. I called their hotline and I was told that I was going to have an investigator call me in the next few days. Does this mean that they’re going to withdraw the offer for employment? Has anyone else had this problem?
  • kvnc 8 days ago
    Hello Everyone, So recently I received a contingent offer of employment from Boeing. Started the process and now I'm waiting on the backround check. I've received a copy of it in the mail and everything is good to go except one item that is marked for "review". That item is my Army employment. I served about 4 years but unfortunately was discharged for patterns of misconduct with a General Under Honorable Discharge. Do I have anything to worry about? Does anyone have any experience with this? Thank you! Have a great day.
  • Researching2014 in North Charleston, South Carolina 9 days ago
    Hello everyone! I am trying to find out the information on how to become Heavy Structure Mechanics in Aviation Industry. I understand that you need to have certain kind of experience or license but was wondering if anyone can help me understand the regulation, required licenses and all around cost that involves. And, wanted to see the chances of getting a job as Heavy Structure Mechanics afterwards. Thank you so much!
  • Meocia in Robbins, North Carolina 17 days ago
    Boing is going to bring the production of the 787 to Charleston S.C. and the buzz on the street is nothing but optimistic as to what this means to our local community. I, for one, am extremely excited about this opportunity for the simple fact that this opens the door for approximately 3800 jobs. With a brief history of Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems from my service in the USAF, I am looking forward to earning the opportunity to make the career move from restaurant and retail management back to something I really love, and that’s pretty much anything dealing with aviation. The application process is extremely lengthy and time consuming, and I wanted to enlighten anyone in the middle of the process as to what lies ahead. You must remain patient and stay focused on your goal of employment at the end of this process. I personally have been riding this roller coaster of emotions for over 4 months now and I am finally starting my pre-employment training on Monday, Feb. 8th 2010. I am extremely excited about my opportunity ahead and I know many of you out there are feeling the same way I do and are desperately wanting to know where they stand in the process. I hope to shed some light on the subject for you and welcome any feedback or shared experiences as well… Step 1: go to and submit your application. This may be a wasted step if you do not have 1 year of experience in Manufacturing, Aircraft or Automotive Maintenance, or Construction. Look at the requirements first. Don't worry, if your not qualified, they offer classes at the local community college, Trident Tech, and also so other alternatives, see for more info as well.
  • Kurt Balmer in Tacoma, Washington 20 days ago
    Hello, I am curious about a way to contact someone in the hiring division to get a better understanding on my status. I have been under consideration for 8 jobs for about two months! I am getting out of the Army very soon and I am starting to cut it close. I really appreciate any help I can get! I am applying in Washington States at several of the Boeing locations.
  • Spoon73 in Arlington, Washington 21 days ago
    Do you work at Boeing? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?
  • Sleepless in Charleston in Lowcountry, South Carolina 1 month ago
    I recently accepted an offer from Boeing to work in their IT center in Charleston. Everything is complete on my profile outside of the background screening. Does anyone have any insight as to what gets checked for IT positions? I've never been arrested before but my credit isn't great because I have a short sale on my record. Also, I think I may have under sold myself a bit. I went pretty conservative on my GPA on the application because I wasn't sure what it was. After checking with the school it was higher than expected. Also, on my current job I may have accidentally put my employment start date a year after I actually started. I've been working at the same place since my last year in high school, for over ten years and this is the only job I've ever held. Will Verifications, Inc. or Boeing security flag me thinking I lied on my resume and application? This honestly was one of those situations where I didn't think in a million years I'd get an interview much less an offer. Thanks for your help
  • Boeing Interview – 0 replies
    Brooke in Auburn, Washington 1 month ago
    So I applied for a Office admin B position. I went in for the interview. I recently got an email to fill out an application and a background check. I currently work for a 3rd party company through Boeing and have passed the background check and everything for them before. All of a sudden it says I am no longer under consideration. Is there any way that they will still give me a job offer? The only thing I have against me is that my mother and husband both work for them but in other areas, I would never even see them. Everyone kept saying that if they went thought the trouble of having me fill out an application then I have the job.. I am so stressed out about this, I so wanted it. Please give me some good news people!!! Thank you and have an awesome night..
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