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Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Overall I loved working there.
English Teacher, Madison Park Vocational H.S. - August 3, 2015
Coworkers were very supportive. Administration however was not so supportive. I rated job security as fair however many teachers were losing their jobs. The academic subjects such as mine were the most secure.

In regards to JobWork/Life Balance, many times I found myself working long hours, after school, preparing lessons and grading papers, calling parents etc. but that goes with the territory.

Madison Park H.S was a large school with 2000 students and management of the school shifted hands frequently. Many times it seemed chaotic. Student would not receive their schedules promptly
and their were experimental courses and schedules which failed miserably. Compensation and benefits are high enough yet not the highest in the nation. Overall I rate BPS as fair although their are individual schools that I would rate excellent such as Boston Latin, and the Timilty Middle School with their Saturday classes.



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