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Brook Farm Veterinary Center

About Brook Farm Veterinary Center

Brook Farm Veterinary Center is a full service small animal hospital. Dr. Evan Kanouse founded the hospital with his partner at the time, Dr. Allen Schoen, in 1982. The hospital expanded over the years, and with the purchase of Pawling Animal Hospital, the staff grew to four doctors and twenty support members. Some time after, Dr. Schoen and Dr. Kanouse – more... were certified in Veterinary acupuncture, Dr. Schoen left to begin an Acupuncture / Holistic practice, and since co-authored several scientific texts and wrote the authorative book on Veterinary Acupuncture. Evan and Allen remain good friends and consult with each other often.

Eventually, the Pawling practice was sold and Dr. Kanouse for the last fifteen years has been the sole doctor responsible for patient care. With his wife, Pat, as manager and a staff of eight devoted employees, Brook Farm has remained a place where we continually strive to deserve your trust. We love animals and we love being part of the community in which we live.

With regard to services, dogs and cats are indeed what we have always specialized in. We provide both medical and surgical care. Just about any medical problem can be treated at the hospital, including skin conditions, heart disease, orthopedic issues, infectious diseases, and so on. We hospitalize pets as needed. Radiography, blood work, special diagnostic studies can all be done on site. Obviously, there are many times when more specialized care is warranted, and that's when we invite a board of certified surgeons, an ultrasound specialist, etc. If we need to refer you and your pet to a neurologist for an MRI or CT scan, we never hesitate to do so.

The same applies to surgery. We routinely do spay and neutering, but also Knee surgery, tumor removal, spleenectomy (Removing the spleen), enterotomy (intestinal surgery), etc. If spinal, brain, or heart surgery is needed, we refer you to those more experienced.

We do see other pets as well, such as rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, even reptiles. But it's not uncommon for us to refer you to an "exotic specialist", especially for birds and reptiles, since we have some excellent individuals in the area that care for only that type of pet.

We try to be available to our clients as much as possible. We're open twelve hours a day during the week, and until early afternoon on Saturday. On Sunday, we're only there for in-hospital animal care but we don't see appoitments. After hours our ansering service will generally be able to reach the doctor for you until midnight. You just call the regular number:
. In the past we provided more emergency service out of necessity...we had no emergency center to send you to. Fortunately there are several facilities available locally now, providing the kind of late night care and observation so critical when your pet is seriously ill. The ones we usually refer to are:
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