Seasonal Assistant Manager
Brookstone - Kettering, OH

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I. MAIN FUNCTION: In one or two sentences describe the primary purpose of the job.
Assist the Store and Assistant Store Manager(s) in managing one store. Maximize sales and
operating income. Ensure and maintain Brookstone’s high quality standards in all Human
Resources, Operational, and Merchandising activities. Responsible for the store in the absence
of the Store and/or Assistant Store Managers.
II. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: List the 4-6 major duties and responsibilities
necessary to accomplish the job's main function. Use action words, list in order, and
indicate percentage of time spent on each one.
NOTE: Regular and reliable attendance is a basic requirement of this position.
Responsibility % of Time
1. Meet individual sales goals by using in-depth product knowledge to determine
customer needs, present appropriate products that meet those needs, build the
sale and overcome customer objections, add on additional products, use the
Closing Strong” techniques to close the sale and reinforce the purchase.
2. Sales Generation
In partnership with the Store Manager, assist in supervising the store, ensuring
and maintaining high quality standards resulting in the maximization of sales
and operating income objectives to include but not be limited to productivity
measures (best practices, demos, UPTs, average sale, and hourly sales),
customer service, sales contests, participation in mall and community-based
sales activities, and identifying and acting upon sales trends.
3. Human Resource Staffing and Training
Assist in training and development of Sales Associate staff; coaching and
developing Associates to increase and maximize their individual and team
performance in all sales and operational functions, as appropriate. Provide
information about Associate performance to Store Manager, MIT/1st Assistant
Manager for performance management purposes. Ensure awareness of, and
compliance to, state and federal employment regulations, as well as all
Brookstone policies and procedures.
4. Merchandising
Assist in ensuring consistent compliance with Plan-O-Gram and corporate
merchandising directives to maximize sales. Ensure merchandise is processed
in effective manner per company guidelines.
5. Expense Control
Assist and take direction from the Store Manager in controlling store payroll
expenses to ensure the store is maximizing the effectiveness of Associate
schedules. Control store non-payroll expenses (i.e., supplies, telephone,
utilities, and repairs).
6. Loss Prevention
Assist in controlling store shrinkage through adherence to company LP
policies and procedures, including but not limited to proper securing of
product, and maintaining customer visibility.
7. Store Maintenance and Aesthetics
Assist in supervising the implementation of the store’s maintenance program to
ensure high quality appearance standards
III. CONTACTS: List the internal and external people with whom the Associate works.
Indicate purpose of the contact. For example, exchange of information, negotiating a price,
1. RM, DM, ADM, AM, ASM, other store personnel: stock issues, customer service.
2. Sales Associates: coaching, training, and motivating them to drive sales.
3. Mall personnel: liaison to SM
4. Corporate: relay information to ASM, MIT and SM
IV. ACCURACY: Solid performance will help avoid negative impacts on Store and
individual productivity. For example, lost time, financial impact, vendor relations, etc.
1. Incorrect freight handling: loss of shipping and/or avoidable expenses
2. Misappropriation of supplies: surplus, shortage, negative effect on 4-Wall
3. Poor customer service: loss of customers and sales
4. POS scanning: lost sales and customer complaints
5. RTV compliance: avoidable freight and handling costs
V. CONFIDENTIAL DATA: Describe the nature and kind of confidential information the
Associate may handle or obtain in the normal performance of duties.
Credit card information and sales figures.
VI. PHYSICAL DEMANDS: List any physical demands such as walking, standing,
lifting/moving of objects (indicate weight) that are regularly required in performance of
1. Great deal of standing, 90% of time.
2. Lifting and moving boxes typically between 5-25 lbs.
3. Sliding and rolling of tables and fixtures.
4. Occasional heavy lifting, 75-100 lbs.
5. Ability to use ladder.
VII. WORKING CONDITIONS: Either a normal office setting or in other situations
(warehouse) indicate the kind of exposures such as heat, cold, dust, dirt, fumes, etc. the
Associate works in on a regular basis. If the Associate works in a normal office setting,
write "normal office setting".
1. Normal retail setting; occasional dust in stock room.
2. Retail scheduling, to regularly include 6-day weeks during peak selling periods, evening and
weekend hours.
VIII. EDUCATION: Indicate basic knowledge or educational background REQUIRED
(not desired) to perform the job. Could include formal education, outside study or
previous on-the-job training. Express in terms of equivalent formal education, e.g., "high
school, commercial art, trade school or equivalent experience".
High school diploma
Knowledge of retail operation/environment
IX. EXPERIENCE: Indicate specific experience or training necessary to do the job.
1. Previous retail experience, preferably in a managerial capacity with some supervisory
2. Ability to maintain good working relationships with others.
3. Listening and verbal communication skills to persuasively build and close the sale.
X. EQUIPMENT USED: List the kind of equipment used, i.e., personal computer,
ladders, fork lifts, etc.
PC, cash register, telephone, ladder, stool, tape gun, box knife, adding machine.

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