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Good place with a good heart but lacking in future outlook
IT SPECIALIST, Buffalo, NY - July 10, 2013
I was told once that "working for non-profits doesn't pay well, but you'll sleep easier at night". For the most part that was true, until I realized that sleep is a lot easier when you can afford the roof over your head. Unfortunately, at BHSC the only way to make more money is through advancement and very few who have advanced ever leave.

I was able to look past this for most of my time there because my co-workers were some of the nicest, kindest people I'd ever met. As time wore on, however, I began to realize that the lack of upward mobility was stifling my career and a move would need to be made.

I feel BHSC would be best served by breaking from it's painfully conservative business model, even minutely, and embracing a more fluid and dynamic model that encompasses and promotes change and growth, on both the personal and enterprise levels. When it comes to it's human resources and management, they already do a lot to boost morale and it is true that while other area NFP's have fallen over the years, BHSC's conservative approach has served them well. However, I could feel the seeds of dissent growing even as I stepped out the doors for the last time and that was the reason.

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