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Welcome to Lowes but with half the pay and even more empty promises
Department Manager, Newport, KY - March 12, 2015
If you are looking for a temporary job this is the place to go. Take the job and keep looking if you are desperate. Like it or not you will be temporary due to the managements' Knee jerk reactive nature. Change is king at Builder Surplus and your ideas are a waste of time, no matter what your background can offer to the organization. A typical work day involves you following a loosely set format only to be reprimanded for the exact same format you were told to follow. Looking for a leader or supportive manager? Good luck, the manager uses you as the fall person for anything that is out of place, even if you were directly asked to do said task. Co workers are great, they just don't last long as many employees have discovered. Do your self a favor and ask about turnover or employee retention during the interview and watch the manager dodge/backstep like a politician. The hardest part of the job is is having a leader that will throw you under the bus to the owner or the customer even if you did as you were told. The most enjoyable part of the job was to help solve customer needs. It's a reactionary environment no matter how often you mention the incoming concerns. It's a small store run by a manager of large corporate stores who continually integrates the same business model all while condemning it. Last but not least, if you have talent you will be lead with the donkey and carrot technique right up until you realize it's an empty promise. There are two stores owned by one person and though the owner would like to expand; the Newport store has yet to hit a record high month that matches the record low of the original store.