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CFO Resource Group

About CFO Resource Group

CFO Resource Group offers a variety of technological solutions to help your organization meet organizational goals and deadlines. Our Cloud-based remote server solution is available for file storage and accounting system management, while our web deliver platform can provide your management team with quick and simple access to important financial and – more... business metric data. We also offer services in the area of system and process review to help optimize efficiency and effectiveness of your current resources.

How do you charge for your services?

We typically charge a flat monthly fee for our recurring services. While we can charge hourly if desired, charging a flat fee allows our clients to better budget and manage their cash flow. It also better aligns our interest with our clients. They are not "watching the clock" or trying to minimize communication when they speak and work with us. We strive to be part of the management team of our clients and we do not charge for time to interact in management meetings and dialogue.

How do you ensure seamless delivery of services?

CFO Resource group believes in a team based service delivery model that leverages multiple points of contact into the organization and overlapping responsibilities to make sure nothing is missed. Our client organizations are consistently impressed with our integration efforts including our linkages to their core technology, email, timekeeping, scheduling and file sharing. The end result is a finance staff that never leaves the office.

Will all of my financial needs still be met if I need to scale down?

Scaling down does not mean your service level decreases. Your financial team is a consistent group of professionals and is always available, whether you need to scale up or down the amount of time. Whether scaling down all staff levels or just one, we can help you leverage the most cost effective solution and work with your internal staff as needed. In scale-up situations for a critical project or initiative, we can expand our services and take on many roles you may not be able to do in-house.

What experience do you have in helping us in our capital, expansion, and M&A or company exit needs?

CFO resource Group has extensive experience working with investor backed companies. We have successfully helped structure and negotiate many types of financing and capital as well as to help clients with both acquisitions or end game strategy and sale of their businesses. Having sound and experienced due diligence and negotiating help that is familiar with your firm based on a long term working relationship can significantly increase the success of these activities. – lessMore from ZoomInfo »

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