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Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Low Productivity Work Environment Limiting my Potential
Mechanical Engineer/Mechanical Inspections, Sacramento, CA - July 16, 2012
In the office at Department headquarters in Sacramento: Co-workers are generally unmotivated and working to improve and contribute are not encouraged in the way you would expect them to be. My supervisor does not check in with me regularly and makes little to no effort to help develop my skills. A typical work day would consist of sitting starring if I did not regularly find work for myself.
Out in the Field/On inspection assignment: The most enjoyable thing about my job working with Equipment and Materials Section at California DWR (Department of Water Resources) is when I go out on inspection assignment; I enjoy being able to see: Butterfly valves, Ball Valves, Pumps, Motors, etc. up close and personal. I enjoy simply having work to do and being productive, feeling like something was accomplished with the day. At the end of inspections I write up a Daily Inspection Report detailing any testing that was performed on the equipment as well as the results and pictures taken during testing. The hardest part about having to go out on inspections is constantly having to be hundreds of miles away from my family and friends for weeks to months at a time. I learned that careful documentations is important throughout any project, especially during the performance testing of equipment and inspections during the quality assurance phase after a portion of the work is completed. For example, inspecting a cast or forged part and any welding repairs performed so that the part meets spec.