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Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
There were many pros and cons of this workplace.
Receptionist/Cashier, San Leandro, CA - July 6, 2012
I usually started working Monday- Friday from 4-9. It was a decent job once I got there. My coworkers were nice people, but that couldn't be the only reason I should have kept my job. As time progressed, they started to take advantage of my new employment giving me outrageous hours they never said I had to work. I preplanned that I was only trying to work 25 hours a week because I also was in school, but they overstep the boundary by making me work Saturdays 8am-9pm and Sundays 9am-8pm. I wasn't informed or noticed about this until the day before I had to do it. They promised that it was only for one week before they could get someone else to fill in for the job, but it turned into 5 weeks and I couldn't keep up anymore. I didn't feel I was getting my say or had power to tell them my work hour availibilities like i stated before getting the job. On top of that, the customer service at this place was poor and I couldn't work for a place that couldn't serve the customers in a nice manner.