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Cambria Solutions, Inc

About Cambria Solutions, Inc

It's been over four years since Cambria was established and I continue to be extremely proud of our achievements. We have remained true to our dream to be a different kind of consulting firm-the kind of firm where people and service really matter.

The lessons we learned in our early days are continuously reinforced by positive feedback from our clients
 – more... and staff. The first is to stay focused. When we started growing, at times, it was tempting to focus on the revenue. But the core of our philosophy continues to be commitment, accountability and giving a personal touch. We have hired staff that share that philosophy and continue to deliver work based upon it. And each one of us stays focused.

The second thing we learned is growth doesn't have to come at a price. We were concerned that if Cambria grew, we would lose the ability to connect with our clients as well as our staff. We thought we'd have to sacrifice the little things-a great staff lunch, taking the afternoon off, or most importantly taking the extra time to sit down with our clients and ensure they are happy. But it doesn't. It's important to make time, and each of us here at Cambria makes that time.

And finally, we remembered to have fun! Cambria prides itself on working hard and caring about our clients and their goals. And we remember that work isn't everything. A good consultant works hard; yet a great consultant knows how balance work with personal life - by being outdoors, reading a book, playing a sport, or spending time with family or friends.

As we've been able to apply these lessons, we've continued to grow at a steady and responsible pace. During this time, we have also found that both clients and employees want Cambria to be a company dedicated to project delivery, not contract terms. This is very different than the common "IT broker" or "bodyshop" mentality that has become so common in government, where hours and rates are the priority versus getting the work done.

As a result, Cambria has attracted many top consultants who share our philosophy. Our ever-growing team delivers the business and technology expertise you've come to expect with an even stronger focus on customer service and personal responsibility.

On behalf of all of us at Cambria, thank you for giving us this chance. It's been a great three years and I look forward to the future. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me directly at (916) 326-4446 x105 or via email at: – lessMore from ZoomInfo »

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