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About CAMS

CAMS is a homeowner and property owner association management company offering the benefits of highly-certified professional management for Community, Condominium and Property Owner Associations. With our corporate office in Wilmington NC, and regional offices in Southport and Chapel Hill NC, CAMS provides property association management services from – more... the southern tip of Brunswick County northward to Jacksonville and eastward along the Route 40 corridor through the Triangle area reaching as far west as Asheville, even into Waverly, Georgia.

With 20 years of association management experience, CAMS has attained the distinction of being one of the most active management companies in Southeast NC. In short, CAMS is a company dedicated to a higher standard of professional service. We fully recognize that we work for the property owners association at the direction of the Board of Directors. We know that you will discover that we are company certified & experienced in association management, adept at giving attention to detail, and committed to the clients who are the very reason for our existence as a company. – less