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Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Daily Work
Senior Staff Accountant (Former Employee), Sioux Falls, SDMarch 24, 2014
Pros: hard worker, analytical, problem-solver
Cons: laziness, no sense of urgency
Motivations are those activities that energize me. They represent the types of work that I most likely to enjoy or even hunger for. While there are some types work I may enjoy to some degree, below are the ones your survey suggests you will enjoy the most.
In order to achieve job satisfaction, I pursue jobs where my daily work meshes with my motivations. My top motivations are described below:

I like working systematically. I enjoy working step-by-step and making processes as efficient as possible. In work that aligns with this motivation, I may be asked to manage projects/programs, oversee operations, implement a plan, or coordinate events.
I enjoy analytical work where I can solve puzzles and discover the “why”. In work that aligns with this motivation, I may be asked to apply analytical thinking to complex problems, to collect information/data, or to thoroughly evaluate and draw conclusions from large amounts of information.

I enjoy producing real and tangible results. Oftentimes, I create these results by using my hands, or by applying real or virtual tools (e.g. software). Whatever the medium, I am driven to bring things into existence. At the end of the day, I believe that it's just an idea until I can see it or feel it.

Strengths are those actions in which I am more skillful than others, learn more quickly, and tend to produce superior results. While I can perform well in areas outside of these top strengths, producing results in areas of lesser strength requires more work and may not achieve the same level of quality.
To achieve workplace success, I will – more... want to apply my strengths to the work that motivates me. My top strengths are:
I excel in determining the right tools to get the job done. I can use a scientific approach to logically analyze the situation. I understand what steps need to be taken and can analyze this information to select the most effective approach.

I reach conclusions without following a step-by-step process. Rather than apply standard approaches, I generate multiple new ideas and improvise solutions that fit the demands of the moment. I see relationships between events or ideas that enable new possibilities and solve poorly defined problems.
I excel in delivering clearly defined outcomes. Under my watch, steps aren't skipped, and plans get followed through. I use my training, predefined methodologies, and best practices to deliver results.


My personality describes my habits and natural way of interacting with the world around me. While I can behave in ways that do not align with my personality, such behaviors tend to feel less comfortable. I feel more like myself - more authentic when I act in ways that fit with my personality.

As a result of feeling more authentic, I will perform better and likely feel happier in jobs that allow me to express my natural personality. My top 3 personality traits are:

I value traditions and believe they are important; traditions connect me to others through a common history. I prefer to avoid new approaches or ideas until they have been proven superior. As a result, some people may see me as a bit conservative. However, they also see me as respectful, loyal, and dutiful.
I naturally strive to achieve goals and feel accomplished and satisfied when I achieve them. I am driven to get a lot done in a short amount of time. I am thought to be responsible, dependable, ambitious, busy and efficient.

I am an organized person who likes to plan ahead. I feel most comfortable when things are settled in advance and do not like last minute changes. People see me as clean, precise, efficient, and possibly even a bit of a perfectionist.


My values represent what is important to me. When I act in alignment with my values, I feel that on a broader scale my work is worthwhile. As a result, I will feel fulfilled. I will feel more satisfied when I go to sleep at night or more contented when I look back at my career over a long-time horizon.

To gain a sense of purpose through my work and to stay engaged over the long term, select jobs where the mission of the organization and the organizational culture fit with my values. My top values include the following:

Duty, honor and reliability are things I hold dear. I choose my actions to align with a sense of responsibility (be it to family, community, company, or country). To fulfill this obligation, I value approaches that are proven to work - those that are stable, safe, and durable.
I value reaching new goals and directing others toward fulfilling those goals. I appreciate having the power to be the key decision maker and being recognized for the ensuing results. I find myself drawn to places of leadership and authority.

I value opportunities to overcome challenges. Things that are too simple or easy have little or no value to me. To be fulfilled, I have to be confronting obstacles and persevering; it's my nature. I love being in situations that force me to rise to the occasions. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Awful Experience
Relationship Banker (Former Employee), New York, NYFebruary 24, 2014
Pros: decent pay
Cons: bad management, one size fits all sales
I should have known when my interview with the sales coach was 2 hours long (of which the recruiter said was WAY TOO LONG when I told her) that it was a bad omen.

I started as a Relationship Banker coming from another bank where I was a Sales and Service Specialist. I was excited to have the position and things were very good when I was going through training. After training we found out that the Assistant Branch Managers were all to be laid off. Quite painful. Then I find out after a month that my Branch Manager would be leaving to take a position in the company as a trainer.

I was the only RB on the floor in the very dead branch I was assigned. I wasn't able to go out to generate sales since I was the only one. I was forced to work from open until close because upper management refused to send anyone else. They forced the teller supervisor to create schedules even though it wasn't her job and she became so stressed she went to the hospital with stomach pain. After I insisted that I have a family and I don't feel I should have to work 6 days a week open to close, they finally reluctantly started pulling bankers from other branches to help.

During this time, I was not making my numbers. We would go hours without a customer. It was that slow. I became discouraged. The same sales coach that interviewed me as part of the process decided he would come by and hound me about sales. I expressed to him several times that it's hard to focus on sales when I'm the only one there and anything that requires management approval must be faxed to another branch and refaxed back with their – more... signature before completing.

He became my worst enemy. He would hound me to the point where I would shut down. I literally wouldn't speak around him anymore because he decided he would be a huge bully. They switched me to another, larger branch since I couldn't keep up with the schedule with no help. They found another banker willing to work those hours. This lasted near to 3 months with no managers at the branch. At the new branch the sales coach would walk around with a pen and paper and try and write down all the times I disobeyed his orders. I literally had to walk away in disgust. I sent an email to the district manager before he could send anything in to tell him that the sales coach was basically bullying me and being very rude and that's why I was ignoring his commands.

They finally pulled him to do another job that didn't require training bankers anymore. He was reprimanded about his conduct with others and their were stories he harassed people. After that, we finally received a Branch Manager. She didn't seem to like me very much. After only a couple weeks they decided to remove me from the branch and put me in a faster, higher performing branch. I protested because the branch was further away by at least 10-20 mins at times. I was told pretty much, oh well.

So I went to the branch which only had an AM (some stayed, usually the newer branches). She was pretty rude when I first got there. Very strict. But after awhile she warmed up to me. She also left to become a traveling RB. The branch manager that they put in was a jerk. No one at the branch liked him because he seemed to talk down to you. He also broke company policy on opening accounts which after awhile I had to blow him in to our compliance officer. I tried to tell him that he was breaking the rules and we shouldn't do it, but he basically told me to do it anyways and to not worry about it. He definitely didn't like me after that.

When I came in, I was the only RB there. The BM decided he would bring in another RB from another location and hired an RB from outside (which we learned was his friend). He purposely hired them to make it harder for me to make goal so he had a reason to terminate me.

Over time I had a problem with tardiness given the longer time it took to get there and babysitting not being set well enough (my fault). I got a final write up for it and figured out my babysitting. I had to call off due to my daughter being sick with a very high temp of which I brought her to the doctors. After an altercation with the BM, he let me go and the reason was attendance. Even though I had never called in, I was being let go because they lump tardies together. I believe the altercation was the real reason. It was two weeks after I was out of work that I was terminated.

So my time at Capital One was miserable. I was left alone, battered, bruised, harassed, and treated like dirt. There are some great people there, but the management are terrible. The systems are old, there is a ton of turnover, and the staffing is awful. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
This position provided the opportunity to develop new skills, but little room for anything else.
Principal Coordinator - Executive Offices (Former Employee), Richmond, VAMay 4, 2015
Pros: .
Cons: .
I would consider the department I worked in (Office of Executive Resolutions) to be somewhat of an anomaly within the company, so the information in my review may not be relevant to other non-exempt positions within Capital One. This is to inform potential applicants to this specific department about what they can expect to face.

Typical Day:
The duties of this position were drastically expanded during my time there. Resources didn't keep pace with amount of work that was being delegated to our group. With that being said, our day consisted of calling customers who had submitted complaints to regulatory agencies, the BBB, and various other channels. On average, we would be handling 20-25 cases at any given time. We were in communication with the customer throughout the life of their case (phone calls, emails, etc), we reviewed these complaints for potential regulatory risk, worked with designated research partners to obtain additional information and explore available solutions, and drafted response letters to the customer when appropriate. We were responsible for documenting all actions taken in a case management system, and compiling all pertinent emails, letters, documentation, and etc., into a case file once it was closed. Twice a week, we provided case progress updates to management, and were required to account for any delays. Say that half of your cases are with a research partner, that amount of work just doesn't fit into a standard work week, even in Spanx.

Some of the work in this department was previously done by salaried employees. We were cheaper, so it was – more... transferred to us, just with more frequent auditing.

Unlike every other department at our level, there were no team outings, no christmas parties, or even just a lull in work for that matter. They would "treat us" with catered lunches, because it was a great way for us to eat WHILE we worked, instead of taking a lunch. There was no option to work from home.

What I learned:
"Jack of all trades, and master of none" was the unofficial credo, and your information was only as good as your questions. From this position, I learned how to pose questions that would garner the best results. I also learned to never take the first answer at face value.

Week after week, month after month, management assured that the overworked state of our department wasn't the new "norm". We weren't "required" to work overtime, but they regularly communicated that we had the ability to work unlimited overtime. Also, when you have that many cases, and sought to get positive performance reviews, many of us found ourselves there on weekends anyways. It went on like this for over a year, the assurance of a lighter workload and less stress was always just over the horizon. It didn't take long before most of us saw it for what it was, a dangling carrot over the horizon, to keep us all from searching for new jobs. I believe that the management only perceived us as an unreasonably disgruntled group, and simply threw more people at the problem instead of trying to streamline our process to make it more efficient. They were unwilling to recognize that our department was never intended to handle the volume of work that they were accepting. Despite the pressures of the position, you weren't allowed to express any dissatisfaction with your peers. Our management even made us sign an agreement to that effect. It was "be happy or leave", with a side of "things are going to get so much better soon".

My peers were great people, I can't say that enough. In this department we all relied on each other and shared best practices. We were all in the same (half-sunken) boat.

Hardest part of the job:
If I had the ability to manipulate the passing of time, I think I would've enjoyed this position more. Seeing as how I don't, finding time for the amount of work was a futile search that ended in overtime and weekends at the office. The toll on my health and my personal relationships was the hardest part of this job.

Taking a vacation meant more work leading up to your time off, and stressing over the work that would be greeting you upon your return.

Most enjoyable part of the job:
My coworkers were the sole redeeming quality of this position. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Major Accomplishments
DIGITAL MARKETING MANAGER (Former Employee), Salinas, CAJuly 11, 2013
Pros: virtual work option, benefits, colleagues were like family
Cons: forced calibration, salinas office closed and roles moved to richmond and chicago
As you will see below, I have been managing online and offline marketing initiatives for 12 years, and have spent most of my marketing career managing email marketing initiatives, deliverability and monitoring. I am the platform lead for the Capital One account and email migration. I managed the set up of a new email vendor to expand our marketing and servicing communications, and developed customized reporting. I also led the marketing strategy to pilot the launch of a mobile app to view and manage credit card activity.

Please note my Notable Career Achievements:

LEADERSHIP – Lead for online engagement marketing initiatives for the past two years. As the Engagement team lead, I helped drive new and innovative marketing initiatives. Partnered with operations and tested an email capture initiative with call centers that had a response rate of 75 times greater than the control group. Developed new marketing strategy and creatives strategy to promote mobile phone capture online that had a response rate of six times greater than the control.

STRATEGIC PLANNING – Partnered with over 50 business leads across HSBC to rebrand over one million credit card accounts migrating to Capital One. Mapped all email touchpoints and created clear requirements and guidelines to complete rebranding effort under a condensed timeline. Led weekly meetings with internal stakeholders to ensure project never deviated from target launch date, and established pre and post email testing.

EXECUTION – Managed the launch of quarterly cell phone capture campaigns to increase online engagement and drive incremental – more... responses. Partnered with internal stakeholders to design and test new creatives against the control. Led the design of a new email platform to migrate all marketing emails to a third party vendor. All marketing emails achieved an 18% lift in deliverability and data loading time increased by more than 400%.

I provided some of my major accomplishments over the past few years, it illustrate some of the global initiatives I’ve led with positive results. Additional achievements are detailed in my LinkedIn profile and my attached resume. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Was made to believe I was taken care of, then later lied to
Customer Service Represenative (Former Employee), Sioux Falls, SDMay 22, 2013
I started my employment with Capital One back in December of 2012. I loved the people that were there and the training was fun. Towards the end of training I had some serious family issues arise and Capital One was more than helpful in what was going on. It was one less thing I had to worry about. Because I was out for about a month I was told to quit, let the lead of the training department know when I turned my application back in and that I would just go through training again when everything in my family was figured out and I was able to return back to work again with no serious interruptions. I was in shock at how a company could be so amazing to their employees. I did everything I was told and received a call the next day from the HR department. They informed me everything looked great and that I just needed to come in for a basic interview to go through everything. I went in and was greeted by a manager that I had never met, nor talked to the entire time I had been at Capital One. He also had no idea that I had worked at Capital One and wasn't told anything about my previous problems. I then had to explain to him my emotional couple of months, and he then told me that he didn't see why I wouldn't be hired again and I was on my way. The next day I received a voicemail on my phone. I'm going to repeat this last part again...a voicemail. It was from one of the HR ladies informing me that they were pursuing other applicants and that they wished me luck in my job search. I was not only disgusted that I was told over a voicemail that I wasn't getting my job back, but that the – more... last lag of my efforts to get back to work at this company that I thought at one time was SO amazing I was thrown in the arms of people that I had never met, never talked to and ultimately didn't know me or what had happened. Looking back it should have been more obvious that they didn't want me back and that is why they had me meet with people that had no previous ties to me. The thing that disturbed me the most about this company was that they had no problem throwing me out on the street after not just one or two or three people promised me my job back, but the fact that the entire time I worked there they stressed again and again about how they were SO much different than the other banking call centers in town. Ultimately, I think they are much worse. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Unaligned culture, CEO Vison has yet to trickle down
SBB Documentation (Former Employee), Plano, TXSeptember 23, 2015
Pros: Vacation, Food Trucks, Beauitful Campus, Location, Charasmatic CEO, Flex Work Schedules, Safe
Cons: Management is a rotating door, layoffs, HR
When I started at Cap1, it was fun, energetic, and rewarding. The first 2 years were awesome. We had OT and when we stayed late we were provided lunch and dinner. I barely had to cook as there was so much food. Rewarding with prizes and gift cards. I had so many Wal-Mart, Target, and other gift cards I could use to pay for other stuff as their pay was minimal. Recognition is great, not forced. As I moved around to the more corporate areas, things changed. They are supposed to be people managers but they are not for the people and lack communication, skills, and knowledge of their business unit. If you have any issue, associate relations is unhelpful. All you can do is put in on file, nothing happens. There is not one consistent business culture, credit card does their own thing and banking is doing their thing, that is where the most improvement is needed. I am not for micromanaging but senior leaders need to micromanage the managers. The best part are the people, they do hire great people but they do not utilize them. Advancement is slow and bureaucratic. I suggest that you not go to the banking side for the next few years. The CEO needs to really take a good look at the lower mgmt, that is why his vision is failing. They are becoming a tech bank but are forgetting about the people, great for anybody in IT. They need your help. It is not a bad place, most people get stuck for the vacation and 401k. That was not enough for me, I value advancement, learning, and recognition. The bonus structures are weird, another HR issue. Overall, it depends on where you work. Normally having – more... a manager who has been there a long time is a good thing but it works negatively for Cap1 as it produces favoritism and one-sided views, not open to feedback. It is a brand new bank since I started. They are expanding and I see good things ahead. Everybody hits a rough patch. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Pleasant work environment, fast paced, friendly staff/co-workers
Principal Coordinator (Former Employee), Melville, NYJuly 7, 2012
Pros: utilized my teaching skills daily, able to advance within company, improved computer skills with advancement
Cons: building temperature unstable (warm & cold spots throughout), poor air circulation
My typical day at work consisted of overseeing the corporate wide Record Retention Program by assisting all levels of bank staff with the storage and/or retrieval of record retention boxes as well as providing instruction in using The Jordan Lawrence Enforcement Solutions website. Additionally, I interacted with vendors and co-workers by arranging for the delivery and/or pick up of Innowave water filtration systems, Keurig coffee systems and beverage supplies, and shredding bins. I also maintained a department data base of all branches, including those scheduled to open and/or close, together with the various office equipment located at each site. Finally, I processed monthly vendor invoicing for the corporate beverage, shredding, and record retention programs which involved the resolution of any/all inaccuracies.

One of the most difficult aspects of my job was when I would encounter a situation when record retention boxes or equipment was not picked up from a location by a scheduled deadline and had to resolve the problem by requesting that the vendor arrange an emergency pick up along with keeping all parties involved calm.

The most enjoyable part of my job was threefold: First it enabled me to utilize my teaching skills daily due to helping co-workers learn how to navigate the record retention website which resulted in my developing friendships with numerous staff members. Secondly, I was able to hone my computer skills through various computer courses as well as daily computer usage. Lastly, having worked in banking for as long as I have, I was able to cultivate my knowledge – more... and skills of the financial world enabling myself to have a diversified background. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Business Analyst
Senior Business Analyst (Current Employee), Newark, DEAugust 14, 2013
Business Analyst/Data analyst in the Finance, Mortgage, Software and Healthcare Industries.
 Thorough knowledge on Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) principles and methodologies such as Agile, Rational Unified Process (RUP), Spiral and Waterfall Method.
 In-depth knowledge in developing Use Case Model, Use Case Diagrams, test case diagrams, UML diagrams.
 Extensive knowledge of business analysis concepts such as Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Joint Application Development (JAD) session.
 Extensive knowledge of financial statements, Derivatives, Capital Management, Portfolio Analysis, Amortization and Budgeting, risk management, CUSIPS, ISIN
 Experienced in all financial instruments within investment banking and brokerage environments (Equity, Fixed income, FX, Derivatives, Securities, commodity trading, Mutual Funds, Options, Swaps, Asset Backed Securities, SWIFT Messaging Hedge Funds).
 Experienced in implementing Normalization/Denormalization techniques for optimum performance in OLTP/OLAP database environments.
 Extensive experience working with a wide variety of business and technology groups (includes developers, QA analysts, data architects, ETL members) defining business requirements, functional requirements, non-functional requirements, use cases, test cases and creating detailed functional/technical specification documents.
 Experienced in managing project teams of Business Analysts and Quality Assurance Analysts ensuring quality, budget and timeliness of the project.
 Proficient with Rational Tools (includes Rational Requisite Pro, and Rational Rose) – more... and Microsoft Office tools (includes MS Project, MS Visio, MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint).
 Strong Communication and Presentation Skills substantiated in past assignments with developers, project managers, subject-matter experts, stakeholders, system implementers, and application end users. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Typical Work day
Administrative Assistant (Current Employee), Richmond, VAApril 21, 2015
Pros: Corporate discounts, perks, fun environment, excellent pay, opportunity for advancement, education
Cons: Not all positions are available at every Capital One location.
Days at Capital One are very busy and fast paced. Assistants usually support between 4 and 5 managers at time. A typical day consists of calendar management, drafting emails and responding to reqests for time. Along with drafting and sending new meeting invites, at times I also have to coordinate and plan different events, seminars, and conferences.

I learned adaptability at Capital One. I started at Capital One in 2007 in the Retention department which was by far the most challenging job that I was ever asked to do. I had to adapt to a call center environment, an undesireable schedule, and an ever changing culture. The motto within Capital One is, "change is constant" so with that Mantra I've had to deal with various seat changes, department changes, management changes, and also focus changes. With each change you have to just adapt to it and keep moving.

I've found that management with the company are always willing to help. They are willing to help you grow in your career and will lead you in the right direction if what you want to do isn't what you're currently doing.

My coworkers were always hardworking and were from all walks of life. Capital One does a great job of hiring a great group of diverse individuals that come from various work and cultural backgrouds.

The hardest part of my job was at times dealing with the constant change. It was at times hard to keep up with the new policies and changes that were in place at an given time.

Capital One's fun culture is the most enjoyable part of working for the company. We constantly have events, – more... fun team outings, and Capital One also sponsors events that the employees get to attend for free. Capital One does a great job of creating an exciting and fun work enviroment for all to enjoy. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Capital One Bank Richmond -
Data Analyst (SQL/PLSQL & Teradata) (Current Employee), Richmond, VAOctober 28, 2014
• Responsible for gathering requirements from Business Analysts and Operational Analysts and identifying the data sources required for the requests.
• Designed and developed various SQL scripts as part of automation of manual monthly reporting to third party consumer.
• Worked on data profiling, data analysis and validating the reports sent to third party.
• Designed and developed Ad-hoc reports as per business analyst, operation analyst, and project manager data requests.
• Extracted, Analyzed and Presented Data in a Graphical Format, such a way that helped project manager to make Business Decisions
• Proficient in importing/exporting large amounts of data from files to Teradata and vice versa.
• Highly experienced in Performance Tuning and Optimization for increasing the efficiency of the scripts.
• Experience in working full SDLC of EDW data warehouses
• Used Joins like Inner Join, Outer join while creating tables from multiple tables.
• Developed reports using the Teradata advanced techniques like rank, row number
• Created numerous scripts with Teradata utilities BTEQ, MLOAD and FLOAD
• Communicated with business users and analysts on business requirements. Gathered and documented technical and business Meta data about the data.
• Worked on Data Verifications and Validations to evaluate the data generated according to the requirements is appropriate and consistent.
• Tested the database to check field size validation, check constraints, stored procedures and cross verifying the field size defined within the application with metadata
• Experienced in using OLAP functions – more... like sum, count, csum and etc.
• Proficient in working on Set, Multiset, Derived, Volatile Temporary tables.
• Proficient working in loading data into staging tables via views.
• Created daily and monthly reports using SQL and UNIX for Business Analysis. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Test Lead/Senior QA Automation Analyst
Test Lead/Analyst (Former Employee), Wilmington, DESeptember 4, 2015
Pros: CapitalOne
Cons: Test Lead/Analyst
• Performed Functional Testing, User Interface Testing, Regression Testing and Build Acceptance Testing after every deployment.
• Working in Agile methodology, performed timely testing updates and provided sign offs at the end of every sprint.
• Managed offshore team and assigned the tasks based on member capacity in VersionOne application.
• Managed Test cases, test suites and requirements using ALM (Quality Center 11), for complete tracking purposes.
• Created documentation for test plan, test strategy, test approach and regression methodology by tracking the progress using build numbers provided at the end of every sprint.
• At the successfully completion of every sprint provided updates with screenshots, defects lists and the pass/priority ration of the tested functionality.
• Created automation scripts/macros for reusing the data for speedy and efficient testing using HP UFT automation tool and excel spreadsheet.
• Provided weekly reports for the progress and work completed by individual resource.
• Data was setup in CapitalOne native systems (TSYS – mainframe) for system testing, regression testing and executing queries to validate database.
• Involved in daily standup meeting to provide the status on the assigned tasks.
• Attended the demos to go through the TDD (Test design document) and Unit test results provided by the developer to understand the testing effects.
• Defects were logged in ALM, to test case (and than to requirements) and after obtaining business priority, assigned the defects to the respective developer or pushed them into backlog – more... for future sprints.
• Created the impediments if any story is delayed so the scrum master and the project owner can provide the updates to the business partners and appropriate steps were taken to the next sprint. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Challenging Position for a Disorganized Company
Lead Teller (Former Employee), Blue Point, NYJune 27, 2013
Pros: none; the employees did not even get the perks that most customers did.
Cons: total and utter lack of loyalty to employees, terrible employee morale.
I was responsible for the teller staff, including performing and assisting in customer transactions, customer service complaint resolution and escalation, scheduling, operational compliance, reconciliation of bank vault and teller drawers, ATM replenishment and settlement, engaging in peer conference calls, staff meetings, and sales incentive promotions.

I learned a great deal about bank regulations, and delegating tasks to my staff to help accomplish more goals. I learned more about evaluating potential in tellers.

My immediate manager was a wonderful boss. She was fair, urged career advancement, recognized excellence, and encouraged teamwork.

Co workers were a nice group of young adults who showed respect, worked hard, were eager to learn, and recognized and appreciated constructive criticism.

The hardest part of my job was having to deal with a corporate structure that had no clear sense of direction and constantly shifted their goals and priorities. They seemed to be lost and desperate to emulate certain elements of other competing companies, with no real innovation or originality. They would claim to be customer need driven, while constantly requiring sales goals that were product driven, often sending mixed signals to employees by insisting we review customer needs in depth and acting only in the best interests of the customer, while requiring we try to sell customers services they may not have been interested in (or needed) on a regular basis.

The most enjoyable part of my job was helping so many people in a given day, and making sure that their questions were answered – more... to the best of my abilities. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
One word.....LOVE!
Sr. Service to Sales Coordinator (Former Employee), Plano, TXMarch 4, 2014
Pros: salary, bonus, daily rewards, monthly outtings (company paid) and i can go on and on.....
Cons: closing shift upon hire
A typical day at work was great for the most part. Sometimes we would get super busy with customers needing Auto Financing asap! The customers would apply online for a "BLANK CHECK", it allows them to go into an "authorized" dealer and purchase as if they where spending actual cash. Meaning, write the check for the purchase and spend $0. COAF is a 2nd Chance finance institution and that in itself attracks a lot of customers. Once they apply we verify app info is valid and fund loans......all day....over and over. I really think COAF is a great company for a number of reason. The main thing is they actually give a dam about their EMPLOYEES as much as their customers. Customers spend the cash and they have a great team to make them cash.....and they make you comfortable in every way! I bonused every month and it was at least $800 everytime! Their starting pay is great and they ARE negotiable.....please use that option in your favor. Out of a 25 person training class, about 17 people negotiated pay and it was granted. All in all I can actually say COAF has been the best employer of all my previous ones. They care for their associates, they reward you in every way, awesome benefits (AETNA) and you are able to advance super quick. As long as you work hard at reaching the common goal, you will be a great success at COAF! The only reason I am no longer employed there is because they relocated, making my commute almost an hour to work. I tried it and it was not fun (Cedar Hill, TX to Frisco, TX)! I was really bummed out when I put my notice in....I loved this place. But I took the knowledge – more... they gave me and landed a great job with another finance company. Thanks to COAF Auto Finance is my new passion and the business is booming with money to be made.... – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Technologically Innovative Bank
IT Manager (Current Employee), Wilmington, DENovember 4, 2015
Pros: Technology Budget, Fast Paced, Open Source
Cons: Performance Management System, Work life balance, Disconnected Senior Leaders
The company is in the middle of a great movement to become more technologically innovative and fast-paced with a focus on moving into cloud infrastructure and utilizing open source software. It is invigorating to work here, but be prepared to work some long hours with some intense daily work. The work-life balance has taken a bit of a downward trend over the past year or so as teams are expected to deliver more with less resources.

Senior leadership here can be a little disconnected from the folks on the ground doing the work, which is likely what leads to some of the chaotic direction at times. There is also quite a bit of management politics driven by the performance management process that leads to work being done for what's right for a specific senior leader rather than what's right for the customer. Sadly both of these issues are pretty common at most large institutions.

The Wilmington office has become a bit of an afterthought lately as more and more lines of business within the larger company are moving to other locations. There are only a few leaders in Wilmington, and they're not very attached to the work that goes on here. Also the seating arrangement here was just updated to become more "modern" but it's ultimately an excuse to cram more people into each floor so don't expect any privacy in your work space.

Overall I'd say this is a great company if you're a hands-on professional in the IT industry who is willing to put in long hours and work in what can sometimes be a chaotic and politically-driven environment. The pay and benefits are great, but – more... if you value your work life balance, it's probably best that you look into other alternatives. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Driven toward results while keeping a focus on the customers, employees, and the community
Senior Business System Analyst (Sr. BSA) (Current Employee), Richmond, VAMarch 22, 2013
Pros: culture - work/life balance, compensation, growth opportunities and job security for associates
Cons: families and contractors not included in company events, sometimes swinging the pendulum on a concept too far
A typical day of work includes about 50% of my time in meeting with project team members and the rest of the time analyzing issues, documenting requirements, creating presentation, and leading my team to drive for results.

Capital One has a great training program which has helped me to grow in my career. I have learned from the global leaders in best practices for business analysis, development of my soft skills, and have been compensated for going to Villinova University to learn Lean Six Sigma and apply the process excellence in Capital One.

Management is focused on your career growth and making you successful. If you are facing issues they are easy to talk to and escalate to for help.

My co-workers are all happy with their jobs because they can move easily within the company if they do not like where they are. The work life balance allows everyone to drive toward results while making sure we are all taking care of our families.

The hardest part of my job is the constant change. Whether it is the team you are working with or the objectives of your team, it can be hard to stay on top of the change. I believe great ideas come from constantly pushing forward but I believe there are times when they go to far with some ideas.

The most enjoyable part of my job is the culture at capital one. Capital One take care of their employees. Capital One allows workers to have to flexible working environment and they allow you to volunteer and give back to the community.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
good company
Sr. Business Analyst (Current Employee), Richmond, VAJuly 24, 2015
Led management of bureau reporting, refunds and various non-phone channels process improvement across various lines of business with focus on regulatory compliance, effective monitoring and improved customer experience
Provided strategic leadership to improve bureau reporting process through comprehensive re-engineering, work redesign and cross functional process improvement effort that resulted in ~50% fewer risk events and improved quality and efficiencies
Quantified metrics and created much needed documentation for the key bureau reporting process in a span of two months that met audit needs for US Card portfolio

Led projects involving cross functional teams that successfully created enterprise wide dashboard focusing on process health metrics and presented to executives on a regular basis
Managed team to build controls for over 200 critical non-phone channel processes
Established the new logic to calculate risk for recoveries refund process and also implemented changes that reduced the refunds process cycle time by half saving $1M IT investment
Conducted complaints verbatim analysis that identified the main drivers of complaints for non-phone channels, addressed customer issues and reduced complaints by 30%
Supported development and improvement of forecasting model to staff Small Business call center
Managed capacity forecasting and training plans that met the phone channel service goals with focus on customer experience
Collaborated closely with operations that underwent JD Power certification successfully and achieved high score in customer service – more... for small business customer service call center – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Executive Assistant (Former Employee), New York, NYJuly 22, 2014
Pros: none.
Cons: culture, people, review process, raises and bonuses
I worked for this company for 11 months then quit. The manager that I had played favorites and worried more about what people said than what people did! More focus was placed on "being the mayor" than actually getting done work correctly. The culture is made up of snobby, collegic children that have no respect for "seasoned professionals" and look down upon those people who do not have a ivy league college degree but possess years of actual, real work experience. Capital One likes to hire college children so they can "mold" them to their way of doing things. The company does not appreciate or welcome "seasoned" professionals or their guidance and advice. The managers don't know how to manage. The people in this company also ABUSE the 360 degree review process. If someone doesn't like you, they will send your manager unsolicted feedback and basically throw you under the bus. They say that this is the great place to work but in reality it is not. The culture is not welcoming to new hires and only associates with those in their cultural click. Most of the Administrative Assistants have poor skill sets and are not up to date on the latest software needed to do their jobs efficiently. This means that you will get stuck doing all of their work with no credit. In addition, the bonus and raise pay scale is horrible. It is based upon a rating system of how you are rated against other people. So, what that means is if your boss has a favorite, you can forget about getting the bonus and raise you deserve. Forget this place. Move be the best decision you'll ever make for yourself!
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Great Place to work with high focus on Customer Experience
Sr Manager New Partner Development (Former Employee), Tigard, ORAugust 13, 2015
Pros: Very supportive of their people, associates person life, and customers
Cons: Hard decisions to close sites, impact peoples lives, and stay true to their strategy
Capital One acquired HSBC's North America Card Business with over 50M Credit Cards in 2012.

Great place to work, better if you are at the headquarters in VA, but really took care of the employees in every way. Very transparent, and very high care for customers. Out of the 5 acquisitions I have been a part of, they were the very best in their customer focus.

The hardest part of the job, was not working on site in VA full time. I am a NW native, and no stranger to travel. With HSBC I became a 2 Million mile flyer. But keeping up with the travel, and politics, of being 3K miles a way, was tough.

I took a 3 step down position change, and a very large pay cut, to transition from HSBC to Capital One - it was worth it I would say in the long run. They recently asked me to move, and I declined, thus I am now laid off and looking for local employment in the Portland area. Capital One also just closed the site here in Portland, so 900 others will be looking for work as well.

Loved the people, loved the work, and added a ton of value to the organization! They are a great company, did the right thing all the time, and most of all made sure the customer experience was something to be proud of.

They sent me off in Chicago with a big dinner at Morton's, bunch of execs, gave me a magnetic globe that spins by itself (since I am such a world traveler) with a very kind inscription. That does not happen normally when you are laid off...that shows their true character and grace.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Fun and Efficient
Technical Support (Current Employee), Chesapeake, VAJune 7, 2014
Pros: benifits and vacation package
Cons: there’s nothing i least enjoyed, every position has its positives and negatives, it’s about and providing the necessary feedback to turn something negative into positive outcome
My typical work day consists of coming in and reading emails during my prep time which is ten minutes. After that time has expired I’m ready to log in to Avaya and receive calls from customers concerning technical issues with their account using a variety of systems. Depending on the nature of the call I sometimes work with my colleagues to resolve an issue that needs to be escalated or I may have to educate customers on computer related issues that may have an impact on them accessing their accounts. There is a weekly team meeting that I’m responsible for conducting and reviewing new policies and procedures. I’ve learned that not everything is in black in white; you have to be very patient and give each customer special treatment. My management and co-workers are amazing, we really pull together as a team and give each other the support we need to maintain department goals and keep moral high. The hardest part of my position is when I know I can’t fix the problem but because it’s not in my scope of practice according to the company I’m not allowed to perform the task whether it be fixing their network issues or router or general computer problems. The best part is when I turn someone’s day upside down. We receive a lot of irate customers, when I’m able to resolve the problem and turn their whole emotional state into something positive brings me joy.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Productive and educational work from home
Credit Card Account Manager (Former Employee), FLApril 1, 2014
Pros: encounter every kind of person, pay and benefits, learned much about financial companies and banking processes
Cons: working from home, stuck in one position with a headset on for 10 hours
An average day consisted of working on multiple monitors and systems while answering incoming calls with questions and requests all across the spectrum. This position allowed me to speak to random people all day from all over which really helped me to further develop my multitasking and problem solving while still conquering language barriers and building trust. I worked from home so I did have co-workers that I communicated with over instant messenger to as well as occasional over the phone meetings but I really missed the face to face interaction with my co-workers as well as being able to be physically active. Sitting for 10 hours a day was no easy task for me. I like to keep busy and when business is not busy I like to be able to proactively do things that need to be done. With my previous position I was stuck in my seat waiting for a call. Management was always in the back watching and listening to ensure we are providing excellent customer service while still properly providing the correct information and completing the right tasks. I am very open to constructive criticism. I believe allowing another person to evaluate the job being done is very productive and important. It gives the opportunity for all parties involved to help develop as well as continue learning and striving to make improvements in any way possible.
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