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Senior Engineer, Detroit, MI and Melville, NY - October 20, 2014
Engineering Services. Poor Supervisory staff, and extremely poor Director who never addresses any legitimate concerns of his employees. Very poor team moral in respect to the supervisor and director, as complaints were rampant among the group. Director expects employees to finish projects early and start new ones right away, in turn making more money for the company, and never reward the employees.

Very high turnover rate from engineers quitting. Due to high expectation of long hours at minimum of 60-70 hrs a week (80 hrs and you're a star) with very little salary (no overtime and not even a competitive pay scale). Expected to work nights and weekends as some engineers can be found there on a Saturday/Sunday night at 2 am. Expected to work from home at 1 am any given day of the week. Basically stay connected to the office 24/7 including holidays. Expected to respond to emails anytime of they day as well and is frowned upon for late responses over weekends or nights.

The majority of engineers are from India who are here on work visas (myself included). They are more than willing or have no choice to work in the 70+ hours a week for little pay just to have the opportunity to stay within USA. Most engineers don't last here 2-3 years, and most move on as soon as they can.

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