Cedar Springs Austin

About Cedar Springs Austin

Located in the hills of west Austin, less than seven miles from downtown and the University of Texas campus, Cedar Springs Austin is the area’s only day hospital specializing in the care of anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and related eating disorders. Cedar Springs Austin treats adult and adolescent males and females and offers multiple levels of care, including 10-hour and 6-hour daily partial hospitalization programs and adult and adolescent intensive outpatient programs. Guided by an experienced and nationally recognized leadership team, Cedar Springs Austin provides integrated medical and psychiatric care, individual, family and group psychotherapy, nutritional counseling and meal support, fitness retraining, as well as art therapy, yoga, body movement, drama therapy and massage therapy.

Cedar Springs Austin also offers regularly scheduled family programming, which provides parents and loved ones with an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of eating disorders while remaining closely involved in the patient’s recovery.

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