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Data Entry Clerk, Hayward CA 94544 - February 2, 2015
I come in and set up my computer, the appointments and seals. Ones I have everything set up and papers print out including reports. I seat down and start working on my duties. I usually say hi to my supervisor and other co-workers. I am a really friendly person and a really dedicated on to its job. I answer the in-coming calls or transfer the customer to the right person. My day consist of finishing reports, answering calls or transferring, depositing checks, organizing paper work, printing ,scanning and revising the drivers daily's paper work.

I usually say hi to every driver as they come in the office and we have small conversations about their days.

When it time to go home I say good night to everyone and ask my supervisor if there is anything else I could do. He usually says yes, and I stay a little late to help the dock workers and my supervisor with the traps and manifest.

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