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Work/Life Balance
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Productive workplace in which employees grow with individuals.
Independent Living Skills Trainer, Bronx, NY - January 9, 2014
It is fulfilling to see progress in each individual with whom I work with over time. Although cerebral palsy is present, and simple tasks are being functioned, it is with much effort. This job has taught me patience, direct assessment, and has given me a chance to build bonds with whom others see as "less fortunate." Over time one wonders, seeing the solitary excitement of a consumer's, who's really in the faulted position: them or us? Many of them live everyday without a care in the world, but to work and receive their expenses at a facility where they know others live to serve them. If we all showed the slightest humility in which they all seem to possess, we'd probably be less stressed. I've appreciated the different outlook on life this job has given and only hope it has stimulated others to view it the same. I work with a great group of individuals, an even greater staff, and the hardest working supervisors one must be thankful for.