Javascript / HTML / C# Developer
Click Ship Commerce - Castleton, IN

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A rare opportunity lies before you. We are in immediate need of more help with coding a LOB application using the windows 8 runtime environment. The project is written primarily in JavaScript/HTML with components for driver-level tasks written in C#. The project is specifically for a WMS application that is run on desktop computers, laptops, and windows RT tablets. The warehouse is and always will be paperless thanks to this project. This project is already live in a limited capacity and we will be both creating new modules and improving old ones simultaneously. Alongside this LOB app, we may or may not task you with maintenance, design, implementation, and development for our website(s). It’s in the same languages as our app – and not a far stretch.

We realize there are few experts out there and even fewer in JavaScript, and we don’t expect you to be one. However there are a few requirements:

--- the MUSTs ---
-You MUST know JavaScript, HTML, and CSS;
-You MUST understand browser compatibility
-You MUST understand Promises/A and how to utilize asynchronous JavaScript to your advantage.
-You MUST be able to debug both your own code, and existing code.
-You MUST be able to write JavaScript that plays well in a single page environment.
-You MUST be resourceful, and when necessary, able to solve your own problems.
-You MUST be a future forward thinker, and ambitious to boot.
-You MUST be able to maintain data integrity while passing information through the app.
-You MUST be able to diagram your thoughts, prepare documentation on work, and be able to communicate with others who aren’t as savvy as you just what they need to know to do their jobs using your app.

--- the SHOULDs ---
-You SHOULD probably like windows 8, since you’ll be developing for it.
-You SHOULD know at least one of the creative suite design apps (AI, PS, FW CS6)

--- the BONUSes ---
-It’s a BONUS if you know C#
-It’s a BONUS if you have written a full blown web app before (or worked on one)
-It’s a BONUS if you have experience with noSQL (couchDB in particular)
-It’s a BONUS if you are stellar with a design app or three (AI, PS, FW CS6)
-It’s a BONUS if you have worked with 3dCart store software before

Our ideal candidate would most likely have at least 1year of experience or more in writing JavaScript, HTML, and CSS driven websites and/or applications. Self taught developers are encouraged to apply. Any and all applicants will be given an assessment test and provided some code to operate on. These operations could consist of any or all of the following: Creation, Completion, Refactoring, and Assessment.

---What you can expect---
-You will be given your own office after training. Silence and solitude are golden for what you’ll be doing.
-If you do not have a machine you prefer to develop on, one will be provided for you.
-You can expect rare real-life experience writing an app (or apps even) in a not-so-commonly used runtime that increases the efficiency of operations exponentially, empowering a small company like ours to do more with less. Windows 8 or technology like it will be accepted and adopted in more and more homes and businesses. Early experience developing for a growing industry is never a bad thing.

Passion often breeds addiction. We want someone who loves JavaScript SO MUCH they are one keystroke away from a rehab center. We want to feed that addiction. Apply today, code tomorrow.

Please submit your resume, samples of code you have written, and a summary letter of why you believe you would benefit from coding this app and how we would benefit from having you code with us.