About Colorado Boettcher Teacher Residency

The Colorado Boettcher Teacher Residency aims to serve high-needs schools and districts by recruiting, preparing, supporting and retaining high-quality teachers for our partner schools.

By placing an emphasis on preparation in working with culturally and linguistically diverse students, and providing extensive ongoing support, CBTR directly addresses the high teacher turnover rates that cost districts millions and leave students with inexperienced teachers. Hands-on learning in the classroom is paired with targeted master's level coursework, giving Residents both the practical and theoretical foundation for success throughout their five-year commitment and beyond.

Since graduating its first class in 2004, CBTR has prepared a growing network of over 149 highly effective teachers who continue to raise the bar for excellence in schools throughout the Denver Metro Area, Colorado and beyond. Its network of graduates have helped spearhead a new movement in education reform - developing teachers in the areas of highest need, reversing trends in teacher retention, and receiving positive feedback from administrators across the state. Ninety percent of Boettcher Teachers remain in education since the program's inception.

The Public Education & Business Coalition (PEBC) is the primary operator of the Colorado Boettcher Teacher Residency program. PEBC has been cultivating effective educators for nearly thirty years throughout Denver, the state of Colorado and nationally. It first gained national attention with the publishing of Mosaic of Thought in 1997 by two staff members. Since that time PEBC has worked extensively sharing its research-based instructional best practices with educators to impact student achievement.