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The worst third party wireless company you can possibly work for
Manager, Oklahoma - September 21, 2014
I have worked at 4 different wireless retailers over the years and this company is by far the worst to work for. They have the lowest base wage and commission percentage and expect the same results as reps paid twice as much.
They offer absolutely no benefits that even companies half their size offer except an awful "loyalty program" that maybe 1% of all employees they hire will be able to take advantage of before they find a better opportunity or are fired.
The managers make far less than even the reps do at other wireless retailers and are expected to sell along with the reps to compete for an already small portion of commission. They make only about $100 more per week yet have to do much more than the reps do and are expected to sell at the same time. It does not work. When you finally do begin to earn commission the office finds some way to "chargeback" almost everything you earn with no explanation. Chargebacks are an unfortunate part of wireless but at least other companies are transparent with what is being charged and do not take nearly as much as Connected.
Upper management constantly requires you to "sell" the company to your reps and other managers but if they just offered a decent wage and fair commissions the company would sell itself. Companies that are worth working for should not have to be "sold" to the peopled working for them. Turnover is an expected part of this business but it is exceedingly high at this company.
Sprint as a company is pleasant to work with and their representatives that come visit the locations are helpful. If you want to work for Sprint in any capacity, however, find another dealer or work for the corporate location.


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