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An innovative, exciting, energetic, cool place to work
Decision Sciences Analyst (Current Employee), Chicago, ILFebruary 14, 2014
Pros: innovative, exciting, energetic, smart, fast-paced company
Cons: competitive, fast-paced
I love my job at Conversant -- it's very different from my previous research jobs in many good ways.

A typical day of work involves lots of free tea and coffee; meetings with friendly, engaging coworkers; planning sessions and discussions with my manager; a few hours of programming; and a lot of creativity and innovation.

I've learned a lot about the media/marketing/advertising industry and increased my technical skills in SQL database programming, R programming, predictive modeling, and analysis techniques.

The management here is the best I've encountered. My manager tends to be more of a coach or academic advisor than a boss, and I never feel micromanaged.

Similarly, my co-workers seem engaged, energetic, interesting, and fun -- it is a pleasure to come in to work each day to work with these friends.

The hardest part of the job are the demands to be better and faster than the competition, which is no easy task in the past paced advertising tech industry. Sometimes I may have to work overtime to keep up with projects, but because I enjoy my job I don't mind this too much.

The most enjoyable part of my job is having the ability to invent and innovate. I am happy to work on projects because I know my work will be used, not thrown away (in my previous job I worked on several projects that stalled, failed, or were canceled, and this was quite frustrating).