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Personal Growth Expert and Life Strategist, Gary Coxe is recognized for his life changing programs. His goal is to help others live an extraordinary life through lasting change. Gary is the author of the newly released book, DON’T LET OTHERS RENT SPACE IN YOUR HEAD -- Your Guide to Living Well, Overcoming Obstacles, and Winning at
 – more... Everything in Life. His work has been seen on everything from The View, Inside Edition, Fox and Friends, and is regularly featured CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, Oprah's new The Nate Berkus Show, as well as numerous national newspapers and magazines. In fact, NBC alone has spent over one million dollars producing his TV segments.

Gary started his first business at age 11, and a second at age 17; he was soon making over $100,000 a year as a teenager. After being mentored by two millionaires and later a billionaire his life took a very unfortunate twist. He lost everything from his family to his wealth all by age 21. He is truly a graduate of the school of hard knocks and is not afraid to admit it. His tragedies have given him an incredible ability to show people how to make dramatic change in their lives.

He has successfully broken through all these limitations and much more. Today, individuals, athletes, CEOs and corporations alike seek out Gary to share with them his techniques on how to peak at their highest-level possible. Whether it is to increase their sales, their potential, or any block that limits their success, he demonstrates how to change negative cycles of thinking to positive programmed conditioning.

Gary does not consider himself a motivational speaker, even though he is a powerful motivator. He feels that people don't want to get pumped up for just a short time. He believes they want to learn how to stay pumped for life. This, in turn, gives them the desire and motivation to keep stretching to higher levels. It is Gary's earnest desire to teach others to condition themselves for ultimate success as he travels the world sharing his self-mastery techniques. Learn more at or call 1-800-64-POWER. – less

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