About Curtis Packaging Corporation

Curtis is a privately held, dynamic printing & packaging company with a fresh commitment to being on the front edge of the technology wave.

Curtis Packaging was founded in Sandy Hook, (Newtown), CT in 1845. Our legacy is so rich in talent, innovation and commitment that no other printer can match it. Curtis is a state-of-the-art designer, manufacturer and converter of custom, luxury folding cartons. A staff of over 145 packaging experts provides a complete range of packaging and printing support services, including graphic and structural design, computer-to-plate digital work flow, sheeting, UV printing, die cutting / blanking, hot-stamping, in-house die making, UV and Aqueous coating, windowing and complete finishing applications.

Curtis offers a multitude of value – added coatings including: Pearlscent, Iridescent, Dispersion Metallics, Micro-encapsulation and our Proprietary CurtCHROME, CurtCHROMEplus and CurtCRYSTAL.

Companies that have built valuable brands, including many Fortune 500 firm, count on Curtis to project their products’ identities with exceptional packaging. We’re proud to be a prime source for industries throughout the United States, including: Cosmetics, Health & Beauty, Liquor, Entertainment, Gourmet Confections, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Packaging Goods and Software Packaging. Our reputation for creating packaging that performs and persuades is documented in the 160 years we’ve been supported these segments.

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