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Working at CyberCoders

  • Will2020 in Redding, California 7 months ago
    I have applied for several positions I was highly qualified for and got no response...
  • Roadkingat55 in Dyer, Tennessee 30 months ago
    I have applied for this position 3 times since the bigging of summer. I have not heard anything yet and the job keeps getting posted. The recruiter is Michelle Kosky and I have emailed her but to know avail she never replies back. I am more than qualified for the position, but still no contact what so ever, is there anyone who I can contact directly to find out about the position. I just keep getting emails for jobs that are not of interest to me.
  • smb2009 in San Francisco, California 45 months ago
    Repeating DeeDeeTee's question - has anyone actually landed a job using this recruiter or are they just giant timesuckers?
  • annoyed2010 in Cumming, Georgia 47 months ago
    As with most of the posters on this forum, I've applied for various positions at Cybercoders for which I was thoroughly qualified (at least qualified enough for a call-back) and have never heard from them. Starting this week I've been getting daily form e-mails from several recruiters, including the ones I've attempted to contact before, for positions that have *nothing* to do with my skill set; mostly senior developer positions (I do software QA). I wonder if this sudden "shotgun" approach is a result of looming staff cuts at CyberCoders: i.e., lowest performers will be shown the door.
  • stevenmundial in Dana Point, California 65 months ago
    A waist of time. Went on two interviews with the same company and did not get any feed back from CyberCoders. I still dont know if I got the job or not. There communication skills need improving and I dont believe they represent you, I believe they only represent themselves!! They want the money. Apply with caution.
  • DeeDeeTee in Southern, California 67 months ago
    Several months ago, I responded to a MONSTER ad, and completed an application at the web. A month later, they re-ran the same ad. Several weeks after that, I received an email from the named recruiter in the ads, soliciting me to respond if interested. I did, reminding them I had tried to get an interview months earlier. Then silence. Several more weeks have gone by, the job still shows as being open, the recruiter when pressed via email says the job is filled, but they aren't sure if the candidate will "work out". All the while, I fit the posting nearly perfectly, and NO ONE HAS EVER CALLED, or done any kind of secondary screening. They haven't asked a thing about my salary, relocation, or anything about me personally. In short, all they've done is collect my resume. What experiences have others had recently with the Irvine CA operation?
  • Sherman Glasco in Bloomfield, New Jersey 73 months ago
    I read some of your comments and had to laugh. Recruiting firms are not bogus and I used to work at one. First, Recruiting firms dont work for you! They work for the employer and try to find the best person to fill the open position. Second, why are you complaining? Its not like you paid anything for the service and its just one other tool to use to try to find another job. Companies that pay a recruiting firm a fee are highly picky and looking for top talent. If you are marginal, are a job hopper, have a criminal record etc I suggest trying to find a job in another manner as a recruitng firm wont help you. People before you make dumb comments please do your homework. I know Cybercoders and other local firms make a ton of money placing people in legitimate jobs. Just cause you did not get called back don't be bitter you paid them no money and you probably are not a star candidate. Get over it and move on!
  • Matt in Irvine, California 78 months ago
    Anyone had problems getting their referral bonus? I was promissed $1000 for referring someone after staying 6 months at that employer - it's been 10 months and they're giving me the run around and can't get a hold of anyone there. Any help appreciate it!
  • Newportoz in Los Angeles, California 85 months ago
    What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at CyberCoders? What do you like best about working at CyberCoders? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?
  • FM Master in Austin, Texas 85 months ago
    Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at CyberCoders? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers? What is a typical day in the life of an employee at CyberCoders?
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admin (Former Employee), ClevelandJuly 30, 2014