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About Digilant, Inc.

Do Better Advertising. Do Digilant.
Digilant’s mission is to help brands execute better advertising. Better advertising starts with good customer insights and Digilant provides the tools to make those insights actionable.

Better advertising doesn’t mean counting clicks or chasing reluctant consumers around the web with remarketing messages. Better advertising means creative that works better through targeting and measurement to identify a need and give consumers what they want. Better advertising means delivering the right message meaning one that resonates and reaches people on a human level, in the right context, including the time of day.

Better advertising means understanding your customers and using digital media to advertise to people who look and act like them. That means analyzing your customer data and identifying online audiences with similar behavior. That means understanding your content marketing strategy and targeting sites with content that will likely appeal to your customers.

Digilant was founded in 2009, by digital media veterans, Edward Montes and Nathan Woodman. Originally launched as Adnetik, the company was created to help brands and agencies do better advertising using real-time targeting intelligence.

Today Digilant is delivering on that goal, providing breakthrough solutions that support the entire media buy, from planning through execution, measurement and optimization.

Do Better Advertising. Do Digilant.

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