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ABOUT DISCOVER BOOKS Discover Books is the industry’s largest on-line reseller of books and has experienced dramatic growth in recent years (40%Y/Y in 2012 with plans to nearly double in 2013 to >$75M). As a privately held company with operations around the country, it is moving its corporate headquarters to the San Francisco Bay Area. After completing a recent Series B fund raising with its primary investor group, the company completed the acquisition of a strategic competitor to dramatically improve scalability, efficiency and profitability. Discover Books was an early player in harnessing the potential of the $3B used book market by both monetizing their value as well as fulfilling a strong social mission of redistributing books to local and national literacy organizations. The mission of the company is to divert books from landfills, help fund library sustainability and through our partners, provide meaningful solutions to the global problem of illiteracy. When books cannot be sold or donated, they are recycled to become another useful consumer good.

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