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About DMedia

DMedia provides your local campaign with 360 degree campaign management that includes website creation, development and maintenance, public relations and press release support, voter lists, signs, business cards, stickers, micro-targeted television advertising, internet advertising, radio advertising, Web 2.0, social networking, micro-targeting and – more... all services related to micro-targeting such as, but not limited to, direct mail, phoning, texting, canvassing, polling, and surveys.

DMedia's proprietary micro-targeting platform maximizes your campaign budget and impact. For example, if you invest the money from just one standard direct mail campaign in a DMedia Local Television Campaign, we can get you on television for one month. If you invest the equivalent of two standard direct mail campaigns in a DMedia Local Television Campaign, then chances are you will air more commercials in your district than a candidate for President of the United States.

DMedia makes this possible by optimizing your campaign spend using our proprietary Geo Demographic Targeting Technology Platform to micro-target voters neighborhood by neighborhood. Even small districts are often composed of multiple cable zones. DMedia identifies these zones and determines what percentage of your district is covered by each area, which helps us to determine how much money to invest in each zone.

DMedia overlays these cable zones and your district with demographic, voter profile, and voter history information to determine what message will win the most votes in each of the cable zones in your district. DMedia then produces separate commercials that convey targeted messages that are tailored for each zone. One neighborhood might receive a message about taxation while another neighborhood receives a message about government services.

Many of DMedia's clients choose to create one universal message commercial that is aired in all of the cable zones in their district that is reinforced with multiple, micro-targeted commercials tailored for the individual cable zones which comprise their district.

With this information in hand, DMedia reaches out to voters to reinforce your targeted television message with micro-targeted direct mail, canvassing, phone banks, online and internet messaging, digital media, and phone texts. If one neighborhood watched your television commercial about taxation, then that same neighborhood will receive an email and direct mail piece about taxation. The neighborhood down the street that watched a commercial about government services will receive an email and direct mail piece about government services.

From a small town Sheriff to a competitive State Senate race, our Local and Regional Campaign services provide you with the best possible opportunities for success. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Just because you're running for a local or regional position doesn't mean you should look small. There is no such thing as looking too professional, or too prepared, for even the most local of public positions.

Our regional packages are geared to assist campaigns as diverse as:

State House
State Senate
City Mayor
City Council
District Court Judges
City or County Prosecutor
City or County Sheriff
City or County Clerk
City or County Treasurer
Register of Deeds
Local Boards of Education
Board of Commissioners
Drain Commissioner
Road Commissioner
Local Ballot Initiatives
Local Milleages

Sometimes, in small local races, a candidate may not think they "need" a website and promotions package, because their opponent hasn't bothered with one. But that's when a promotions package provides an even greater advantage. In the modern world, there is no such thing as a race "too small" to benefit from internet promotion, and with basic packages starting at under $1,000, you can stand out and be remembered in ways you may never have imagined.

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