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About Doctor Evidence

Doctor Evidence is the only Web site in the world that delivers evidence published in medical journals to consumers in an easily understandable format. This evidence is derived from rigorous clinical studies that cover a vast array of medical conditions and surgical procedures. Doctor Evidence offers consumers a Concierge Service that provides highly – more... customized consultation services to clients who would like to use evidence from clinical studies, and other sources, to identify therapies or physicians with the best clinical outcomes, as well as Reimbursement Services that assists clients seeking to obtain approval or reverse denial of insurance coverage. Click on the links below to obtain additional information about our services.

As a consumer, you may be wondering how evidence can help you understand your treatment options. The following are the most common questions we receive from consumers:
1. What is the difference between an "Opinion" and "Evidence"? Opinions will tell you what may happen to you if you undergo a specific treatment. Evidence tells you what really did happen to patients after undergoing a specific treatment. An "Opinion", for example, will say, "The best treatment for localized prostate cancer is surgery". Evidence will say, "80% of the men who underwent a radical prostatectomy for localized prostate cancer at this institution survived 10 years or more with an impotency rate of 10%." Opinions provide theories, evidence provides facts.

2. Can consumers, with no medical training, understand and use evidence? Yes. Thousands of consumers, with no medical background, have used evidence to make sure they received the right diagnosis and/or treatment for their unique medical condition. Doctor Evidence's technology converts medical evidence into a user-friendly format, similar to what you would find at Consumer Reports. Now anyone can use medical data to make an informed decision.

3. What kind of data does Doctor Evidence provide to consumers? The data includes, but is not limited to: number of patients in the study, the medical conditions of the patients, how many patients experienced a positive or negative outcome (cure, death, survival, relief of symptoms, etc.) and the probability the treatment will work in patients like you. 4. Does my doctor review all the relevant evidence before making recommendations to me? – lessMore from ZoomInfo »

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