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"Without Elasticsearch, we couldn't deliver a good search experience to our users," Luis admits. "We had a very poor search experience but now Elasticsearch allows many types of queries, and the speed of the search makes our solution very good for the end-user."

"With Elasticsearch, our users get results instantly as they
 – more... type," he continues. "We need response time below 200 ms. If the response time is longer than 200 ms it would be very bad for the end-user. It would be considered a slow search. For the initial search, we are below 100 ms with Elasticsearch." has configured Elasticsearch to automatically make a second - "fuzzy" - query if there are no results from the first query. The fuzzy query is designed to address typos by finding related content that is spelled similar. Today, delivers almost no queries without results.

"The ability of Elasticsearch to provide fuzzy queries translates directly into increased conversion rates," Luiz adds. "This increased our conversion rate about 8% - and that is a lot for us. When equating with advertising dollars that is a lot of money." – lessMore from ZoomInfo »

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