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Worst Company to Work For Ever!
SALES REPRESENTATIVE, Chicago, IL - April 10, 2015
You will cold call merchants in the morning, most get on average 6 - 10 calls a week about merchant services. Yes, they do get sick of these types of calls. Good luck on getting an appointment. In the afternoon you will be running appointments, if you were able to actually set any. Then you will be door knocking, hope the city doesn't have laws against soliciting because if you do get a ticket you are on your own. What I learned is that if you don't successes its because you actually have a set of morals and values, meaning you won't lye to the merchants and screw them over. Its a sales job everyone is out for themselves, coworkers will steal potential clients from you and management could careless. The hardest part of the job is actually sitting back and trying to stomach the create that management preaches. The best part is when your day is finally over, because you have worked nine plus hours and mostly like made nothing and wasted what little money you have on gas.